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Kang the Conqueror has returned, and he’s brought some friends! This April, the blockbuster “Avenge the Earth” arc continues in UNCANNY AVENGERS #19, from the New York Times Best Selling Creative team of Rick Remender and Daniel Acuña! Assembled from the splintered fringes of time and space comes Kang’s Chronos Corps, and they’ve arrived on Planet X with a terrible offer. Now, Havok must reunite the surviving members of the Uncanny Avengers in a race against time to save the planet! But with Magneto and his human hunting X-Force closing in, how far is Havok willing to go to save all he holds dear? No fan can afford to miss the epic UNCANNY AVENGERS 19, on-sale this April!



Art & Cover by DANIEL ACUÑA

Variant Cover by AGUSTIN ALESSIO (FEB140717)

FOC – 03/31/14 On-Sale - 04/23/14

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It's really cool seeing the Planet X version of these characters. Haven't even read #18 yet, and I'm already excited for #19! Love this series!

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Nice art.

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Cyclops is so awesome.

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Is that a...Deathlok'd Abomination on the left?

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This looks so goddamn awesome :)

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Sorry was that a council of X-Men?

Excuse me while i go set up camp outside my local comicbook store.

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Is that Jean or Hope on the Wasp/Havok cover

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@overlander said:

Is that a...Deathlok'd Abomination on the left?

Yes it is.

I love the Planet X versions of these characters, though Pyro is probably the one who most needed a costume upgrade

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This looks awesome. I love this book. My favorite current team book right here.

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That cover! Those interiors! CYCLOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Must buy!

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Is that Jean or Hope on the Wasp/Havok cover

Neither: you need to read #18...

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Cyclops' suit looks awesome in that one panel, why can't Earth-616 Cyclops have an awesome suit like that? :(

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What the heck happened to Eimin's costume? The kimono was awesome and a nice change of pace from the standard super-villainess bondage gear that this new thing is. Other than that, the redesigns are pretty cool looking.

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So all of this is in an alternate universe? Cap, Rogue and Wonder Man are dead...

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Agh! I miss Scarlet Witch and Rogue and Cap.

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hands down the best marvel book right now, this book is a must

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Kang, Doom 2099 and Iron Man 2020 on the same team? Damn you Remender for taking my money.

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I guess Eimen decided to slip into something a little more... stripper-y.

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horrible's like buying a book with an Alex Ross cover and getting that......ewww

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Great issue. This book has been hot and cold for me, but this one was a payoff. I predict Banshee is going to switch sides. I also hope that Sunfire gets more attention. It is the potential of this that really keeps me coming back for more.