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Marvel is pleased to present your first look at  The Mighty Thor #1, from Eisner Award-winning writer Matt Fraction and superstar artist Olivier Coipel! Thor has ushered in a bold new era for the kingdom of Asgard. But when the Silver Surfer suddenly appears to herald the arrival of Galactus in the Odinson’s realm, can the combined might of Thor and his brethren push back the devourer of worlds? World Tree, prepare to meet the World Eater in this terrific starting point for a whole new generation of fans in  The Mighty Thor #1, on sale this April!

Pencils & Cover by OLIVIER COIPEL
Variant Cover by TRAVIS CHAREST
Variant Cover by WALT SIMONSON
Blank Variant Cover also available
Thor Movie Variant also available
Rated T+ …$3.99
FOC - 4/4/11, On Sale - 4/27/11 

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Coipel's art is amazing as always!
Does this mean that the Thor book is being canceled and relaunched?

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hoo...... that is a buy and Ireally like the art like the thor book o j. Michael.

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hate the relanuch with a new #1 but love the team on this title.will buy

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going back to journey into mystery with og numbering. think loki is featured in it.
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Nice art work....I really like the G pic.

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This will be the arc that will really weigh on whether I stick with Fraction's run. Gotta vote with your wallet right?  
The fact that Gillen will be doing Journey Into Mystery dealing with Asgard stuff, will make voting with my wallet even easier. I love his work! 
I really like Fraction though too, his ideas are great, but I can't stand his characterization. Small things though, that are easily dealt with and may just fix themselves naturally. So if he writes a good Thor in this arcf? Well yeah, I'll be very supportive! Coipel being back is like icing on the meady cake!

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@Mumbles: @sora_thekey: Yeah, Journey into Mystery is going to be focusing on Kid Loki now.
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O.. M.. G..
Yes.. yes.. YES!!

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the artwork looks amazing
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Is this out yet?
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@GhostRider29 said:
" Is this out yet? "

About two more weeks boss. Not next week, but the week after I believe. (I can fly... and touch the sky... every... oh whoops sorry, got caught in the moment...)
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Hits the stands 4/27.

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Modern Thor sucks.