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DC's The Source has announced that Nicola Scott is handling art duties for three issues of SUPERMAN for issues 3, 5 and 6. Regular series artist, Jesus Merino will return for issue #4 and then issue #7 along with new series writers Dan Jurgens and Keith Giffen.

Scott is under exclusive contract with DC Entertainment, and those familiar with her career will know her previous work with DC Comics’ BIRDS OF PREY and SECRET SIX. Most recently, she was announced as the penciller who (with writer James Robinson) would be bringing JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA to DC COMICS-THE NEW 52, and nothing’s changed there; she is still going to be illustrating those Earth 2 adventures when the JSA is ready to make their debut.
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SUPERMAN #3 is on sale November 23.

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Still like that look without the red shorts. I just wish... I don't know, the belt had a little yellow in it to break things up a bit.

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I <3 Nicola Scott. Her artwork is great and her contribution to the current Superman title is wonderful!

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Great art by Nicola Scott, as always.

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I really like her art here, great person to add to the title!

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Is that meant to be killer frost?

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Nicola Scott is simply a fantastic artist. Loved her work on Secret Six.

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looks promising, too bad im not following it :( but i looooooove the art though :D

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@Blizaga101 said:
Is that meant to be killer frost?
I doubt it.  I suspect it's Cythonna.
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@Izaiah said:

@Blizaga101 said:
Is that meant to be killer frost?
I doubt it. I suspect it's Cythonna.

Nice guess. As for the art, I must admit that Scott's art is not really a favourite of mine but I still like it.

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@Adnan said:

Great art by Nicola Scott, as always.

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This looks amazing!

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I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Nicola Scott.

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I'm really loving the artwork in these comics.

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This art looks really great! Clark looks a lot more lovable now than in the previous Superman issues and in general the tone already feels much more heroic, as it should be. Makes me smile :)

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@Hashbrowns: Agreed. I think the belt should have remained gold as the belt has always been gold. Would have also kept the buckle circular vice going with the shield. We've already got a shield on the chest and back, don't need one at the waist.

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This may not be popular, but the art is okay to me. I see nothing special. Still looks good enough though...

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@1st pic

Superman sure has a girly hiney!

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Thats great, the more Scott art the better :D
(Funny how they dont mention her runs on Wonder Woman and Teen Titans)

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they killed my superman, i just dont get it...

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I'm going to agree with everyone on the art, also, Superman in jeans, epic

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Looks fairly decent in terms of the artwork. I like the flying shots, well done and the train as well. Nice. The people are also believably well rendered.

Nothing way outstanding but does it always have to be? Looks good. Oh and Superman with pants. A+. 'Bout time.

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Dagnabbit! I wish she were on a title is was following. I love her art, but I follow way to many titles as is. I don't need another one.

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Her artwork is amazing!

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That female villain looks like Banshee.

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Her art looks more even than what's going on over in Action. Maybe she should take that title over when she's done here. Looking forward to it.

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@Jordanstine said:

@1st pic

Superman sure has a girly hiney!

Side effect of wearing your underwear on the inside, I suppose.

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Loved her work in Birds of Prey and it looks like she's gotten even better. I'm excited for this.

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The figure drawings are somewhat reminicent of John Bryne... pretty good storytelling...

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Had no idea Nikola Scott was jumping aboard the series. Love her style and those pages look awesome

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Scott's a better artist than Merino if I'm to judge.

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Dan Jurgens and Keith Giffen, really?? My two favorite DC artists/writers?? NICE! :D

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Great art.