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We first heard about ORIGIN II back in July. Kieron Gillen and Adam Kubert are joining forces to show us more of James Howlett's early days before becoming the man we know as Wolverine.

To make this even more special, Marvel released details on a special acetate cover.

Gorgeously rendered by superstar artist Adam Kubert, this unique cover features an ominous base layer underneath a second acetate layer of the clawed mutant entering the fray! Click here to see the cover in action on

“With this year’s special December 24th on-sale date, we wanted to give retailers a cover that really popped off the shelves,” said Marvel’s SVP of Publishing Sales, David Gabriel. “With this acetate treatment and marquee position as one of the only two Marvel Comics on sale that week, we’re positive that no reader can miss—or resist – Origin II #1!”

In anticipation of this cover’s immense popularity, Marvel will have plenty of copies available for retailer orders to appease customer's demands! Select retailers will receive a cover preview sheet before this item’s FOC date, and attendees at Marvel’s New York City Comic-Con Retailer Breakfast presentation will receive a free cover preview sheet as well.

Set a few years after the events of Origin, Origin II finds James Howlett running with the wolves…until something unexpected brings him back into the world of men! Follow the first “X-Man” as he finds his way back to civilization and falls afoul of someone Sinister, who’s just discovering mutantkind and the horrors he can visit on them. Written by comic superstar Kieron Gillen and drawn by industry legend Adam Kubert, Origin II #1 continues the proud tradition of revealing Wolverine’s shocking history in the highest quality possible!

ORIGIN II #1 (OCT130650)


Art & Acetate Cover by ADAM KUBERT

FOC – 11/4/13, ON-SALE – 12/24/13

Marvel has also released a first look at Adam Kubert's art.

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awesome! I like all of Wolverine origin stories, like Origins, Weapon X, and Logan

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the art is awesome. but the writer, idk.

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art looks gorgeous, i checked out the cover over at and it looks a little tacky but im still down

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Looks great, but I'm an old fan and I can't think of Wolverine as some guy named James who had some definitive origin, most of which we already assumed. Wow, he had parents! Really?

The origin was completely pointless. Wolverine's a guy with a mysterious past and occasionly you see a piece of it. You think they would of retconned that thing by now.

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Tempted to buy this just for the art, I don't really care about another Wolverine origin otherwise...

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Didn't like what came out of the first one so I see this and feel dread.

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Will Logan found his true love among the wolves?

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Not a big fan of too many origin books nowadays, but this looks cool.

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I know that as a kid, I loved the cover of The Spectacular Spider-Man #229. I sat there, flipping the cover open and closed constantly, and placed different covers and art in there, so Spidey and MJ would be swinging away from various things.

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I hope this is not another Wolverine story that he does not know who he is really how many times can you tell the same story in different ways...anyways I might pick up the 1st issue

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Hey! More gimmick covers! Marvel and DC both sure do love to bandwagon each other. I actually don't really mind the gimmick covers, I will be getting at least one of DC's 3D covers. But I do think it's funny that Marvel made a backhanded comment about actually having enough of the cover to meet demand.

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Now that's awesome!!!

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Finally a Wolverine book, it's been a long time since i saw this character in a comics...

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@nappystr8: to be fair, Marvel have done this kind of cover a few times before. They're also just doing it for this one special thing, not every single cover for a month for purely gimmicky reasons. Either way, it seems like an odd thing to announce and make such a big deal about. I see this done on magazines pretty often and they don't make a big song and dance about it.

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Man Marvel has really been stepping up their game over the course of 2013. DC I love you guys but you better up your anty if you hope of beating Marvel.

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Looks good!

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It's official, we really have turned back the clock, and its currently 1993. 3D covers, acetate covers. Why not hologram and foil covers next or perhaps scratch and sniff or stickers?? Not being sarcastic either here, simply saying that we have definitely come back to the nineties era of comics once again!

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Godamit.... This looks absolutely incredible. Especially the night race... Dynamic lighting is so next gen with this. If it runs that smooth with 30fps I couldnt care less about 60fps. This game looks officially better than Forza now in every regard.