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Back in January we got an early black-and-white look NOVA #3. With issue #2 out today (and a review coming shortly), Marvel has released an official first look at the issue. We're seeing Sam Alexander discover the truth about his father and his destiny as he just became aware of the Nova power. How and why is Uatu the Watcher involved? You'll have to pick up today's issue 2 to find out.

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Nova #3, from the critically acclaimed creative team of writer Jeph Loeb and artistEd McGuinness! This April, Sam Alexander – now donning the Nova helmet – learns first-hand what it takes to be one of the Universe’s greatest protectors..from the Watcher! And with the Guardians of The Galaxy’s Gamora and Rocket Raccoon, he’ll be in great hands…right?

Each issue of Nova includes a code for a free digital copy on the Marvel Comics app (for iPhone®, iPad®, iPad Touch® & Android devices). Additionally, each issue of Nova features special augmented reality content available exclusive through the Marvel AR app – including cover recaps, behind the scenes features and more that add value to your reading experience at no additional cost.

This April, Jeph Loeb & Ed McGuinness go soaring beyond the stratosphere with Nova #3!

NOVA #2 (FEB130510)

Written by JEPH LOEB

Art & Cover by ED MCGUINNESS

FOC- 03/25/13 On-Sale – 04/17/13

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Man, that's some intense watching 

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Now the Watchers look like greys, nightmare factor + 15

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I liked Nova #1 and looking forward to #2 today.

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@Fuchsia_Nightingale said:

Now the Watchers look like greys, nightmare factor + 15

Strange, I find him more adorable.....

I've got a feeling I should be worried by that.

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@RedQueen: O_O

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@Fuchsia_Nightingale:I'll take that as a yes.

(But come on, the big eyes, small features practically screams Kewpie doll effect).

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This origin makes no sense, Sam's origin so far is a kid from a small town in the middle of no where grows up hearing storys told by his father of his dads time in the Nova corp but when he growns up he has lot of distaste for his father seeing him as a loser janitor of his school and becasuse that there no way he could be that Nova in those storys he told so that makes Sam even more angry now not believing that his dad was a Nova or even the excistence of the Nova corp and now his family has been taken he must become a nova and with training from Gamora and Rocket allies of his father back in his days as a Nova, should be able to save his family.So this comic is telling me that in Sam's 15 years of this planet he has never tiped nova or nova corp in google where he would see 100s of videos of Richard Rider or 100s of other novas being interviewed(See Nova Vol.4 issue 19).Second, one of the big things about Richard Rider is that he was the first human Nova this comic says Sam's dad was the first Nova and third Rocket and Gamora didn't even know each other 16 years ago nor were the guardians of galaxy formed.

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GAH! What happened to the Watcher's eyes? Makes him look like some sort of Benjamin Button-type baby. I know Uatu's eyes have always looked a little odd, but that's some creepy Asian baby sh*t right there.

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I still can't decide whether I love this series or am completely ambivalent. I don't hate it...but I don't know if I actually care yet.

I also think it will be weird to have Gamora in different outfits between this and GotG. Given all my Starfire ranting I applaud the change, but still...odd that two concurrent books will sport the old and new looks respectively.

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Looks Good

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trying not to judge a book by its cover (or its art) but this look like its for kids. how old is nova supposed to be in this comic book. i keep getting the feeling he's around 10 from the preview pages.

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I'm creeped out by that watcher. :( !! lol

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The Watcher Watches you when you sleep, the Watcher watches you when you shower, the Watcher watches you when you do that think alone in your room...the Watcher slowly smiles.

@mightypug78: He's in highschool, I think around 15, the art style is just more on the cartoony side as opposed to pseudo-realism, but that doesn't mean it's targeted just at children it's just an artistic choice.

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That's the most action I've seen from Uatu in a long time. Good!

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@Fuchsia_Nightingale:Well, not when they look like Voldemort. That's entirely different.

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@RedQueen: Super cute :P

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Watcher looks like Greys now, lol And those colors are truly remarkable...

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@Fuchsia_Nightingale:Fine! You've made your point *walks out of room and slams door*.


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@RedQueen: shivers in fear of mad Red queen, hope those card knight don't get me my sleep

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@Fuchsia_Nightingale said:

@RedQueen: shivers in fear of mad Red queen, hope those card knight don't get me my sleep


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@RedQueen: is headless

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@Fuchsia_Nightingale said:

Now the Watchers look like greys, nightmare factor + 15


(Extra F is for Frightening)

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The Watcher looks cool imo.

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Is that the Watcher? He doesn't look like that in other issues.

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@Smurfboy:He's suffering Mcguinness syndrome.

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This is awesome, cause for ages the Watcher has been interpreted (to me anyway) as some big headed guy who has zero cool powers, and this page gives the impression that being a Watcher means cosmic badass powers! Good to see this finally.

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I'm really new to Nova, I've actually never read Issues 1, or 2, I kind of just started off from Issue 3 and I love it so far because they're really starting it off new-ish.

I've never read anything that Included Nova in it...well other than this issue and I love it.

I love his costume and how his eyes glow...those panels where they have him close up and his eyes aren't glowing somewhat creep me out.

I do have a few questions that I'd like for some of you to help me with.

  1. Nova Corps? Is that like a copy of the green latern.
  2. Who is the watcher