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NOVA #1 came out this week and we're seeing how Sam Alexander, the new Nova, came about getting his powers and the role. We saw a 'first look' at issue #2 back in January but it was a black and white preview. Today's preview contains one of those pages but in color as well as another page and the variant cover by J. Scott Campbell.

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Nova #2, from the critically acclaimed creative team of writer Jeph Loeb and artist Ed McGuinness! Welcome Sam Alexander to the Nova Corps: the Universe’s Police Force! With helmet in hand, Sam is about to take on a grand legacy across galaxies! But when you add a green lady and a raccoon into the mix – will he make it home in time for dinner?

This March, Jeph Loeb & Ed McGuinness head to the skies and beyond in Nova #2!

Nova #2 (JAN130705)

Written by JEPH LOEB

Art & Cover by ED MCGUINNESS

FOC- 02/25/13 On-Sale – 03/20/13

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What'd you think of NOVA #1?

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Looks cool

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Noooo what if rich came back in a book called nova corps by DnA

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Who did the colors?

I am excited about this book, loved issue #1.

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What's wrong with Rocket racoon's face on the variant? Everyone seems to draw him totally different. Also Gamora doesn't have that costume anymore.

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I thought only raccoons in New Orleans carried guns........

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We went from having Rich Rider a man who lead the entire universes armys against the Annihilation Wave to Sam Alexander, a boy from Hicksville USA who goes to a school thats a rip off of the one from. Back to the Future

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Gamora is the sex.

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Cool art and colors. Bring back Dick Rider!

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I want that J. Scott Campbell variant cover, darn it...

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@jesusdisciple001 said:

Noooo what if rich came back in a book called nova corps by DnA

I would read the hell out of it. Provided it had a decent team.

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@kingjoeg said:

Also Gamora doesn't have that costume anymore.

Yeah, you're right. She should probably take it off. ;-)

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I'm back from the future. One of the things in the Best Stuff in Comics This Week for March 20 includes best vaporized pillow from Nova #2.

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Garona looks sooooooo hot :3

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@kingjoeg said:

Also Gamora doesn't have that costume anymore.

The events of the comic take place a few months before where the Marvel universe is now.

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The cover art looks real Good (+)
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@Teerack said:

Garona looks sooooooo hot :3

I was going to ask if that was really your only input, but then I see your avatar is just a pair of breasts, so...

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I like that they're both in their old costumes. I'm not a fan of the new Mass Effect-inspired ones.

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I hope Rocket and Gamora aren't there because of what happened in the flashback in issue 1 because that had so many continuity flaws.

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Man, I love Campbell's style. No, not just because Gamora's super hot here. The whole cover is just fantastic. Shame my LCS doesn't get variants. I'll have to settle with the .jpg.

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@skooks: Not like this previews have a lot to discuss lol.

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Ok maybe its because he's a Space Raccoon ... but what the..? He looks nothing like his Earth-bound brethren!

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As good as this looks I can't help but think of educational public access shows.

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@judasnixon said:

I thought only raccoons in New Orleans carried guns........

Lastest reports show East side vs West side raccoon violence is at an all time high.

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@DeathstrokeMerc: I blame the rap music......
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Rocket looks like a dog with chipmunk teeth in that Campbell variant. There was tons of continuity issues in #1 too. I really wish this was just a new series with Rich Rider, but nope. I do think it is terrible that Jeph Loeb's son Sam passed away, and I think it's really cool that Marvel let him name a new character after Sam too, but having Peter Quill coming outta the Cancerverse (Bendis will be addressing the Cancerverse in GotG)without Rich is weak as all hell. As much as I'm looking forward to the new GotG series (DnA made the last vol. my favorite comic) the new Nova falls flat to me without Rich Rider, and Marvel are doing a terrible disservice to any of their fans who stuck with Marvel Cosmic. They could have created a new character instead of taking up a new Nova, especially since the whole Nova force was wiped out on Xandar, and Rider was the last Nova alive, Marvel should have brought Rider back, and let Loeb create a whole new character for Marvel NOW!

Anybody else notice that there is not ONE new character created for Marvel NOW! with their own title?