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@FrankenKong said:

Reminds me alot of Kyle Rayner.

What exactly do the two have in common?

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@Onemoreposter: they suck

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@jointron33: You suck. Kyle Rayner is the man.

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Marvel - DROP THE RED REVOLUTION TAG. No one is impressed. It isn't creative - it in fact draws away from the artwork itself. Good Grief.

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Guys, you shouldn't compare him to his character in the Ultimate Spider-Man series. If you read the little issues he's been in, you'll see he is very different in the comics. He isn't such an idiot and he seems a lot more mature, although he's still a kid and he makes some bad jokes. But I watched USM and I also read all his issues (which like... four), and I find him a lot more likable in the comics. I think Loeb is writing here stuff he just can't put in a kid's show. I mean, in just four issues (where Sam isn't even the main character), he saw a planet being destroyed even when he tried to save it, he ended up in a coma and he was almost killed by Scott. So yeah, I don't think you can compare him to USM!Sam.