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THRESHOLD may be canceled, but Larfleeze is still sticking around in a title that will be dedicated solely to him, and isn't that what he truly wanted all along -- a book which belongs only to him? Co-written by J.M. DeMatteis and Keith Giffen and with art by Scott Kolins, the lovable and selfish Orange Lantern will go on an adventure of his own, and the team promises it'll be filled with laughs. #1 won't hit until the summer, but for now, here's the cover and a first look at Kolins' interiors.

"Larfleeze, the breakout character from BLACKEST NIGHT, last seen in the pages of THRESHOLD, is back in his own solo, ongoing series—and he’s not sharing it with anyone! In his debut solo adventure, Larfleeze meets Laord of the Hunt, a pan-dimensional cosmic entity that believes all living things are prey—and he’s out to turn the universe into his own private hunting reserve! And the only thing worse than Laord is the deadly beings he can summon!"

LARFLEEZE #1 hits shelves June 26th. Will you be picking it up, Viners?

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No doubt about it. Love Larfleeze.

I feel like he could be DC's Deadpool-esque comedy break in my pull-list of Capes. Need more comedy books, and Larfleeze is hilarious. Very excited.

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Nice the art goes with his character really well. :)

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As much as I like Larfleeze, he was definitely not the breakout character from Blackest Night. Marketing stretch!

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Still not getting this, not interested in Larfleeze at all.

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Two things make me excited for this; first there's Giffen's knack for cosmic stories and the fact that his Larfleeze backup in Threshold has been a lot of fun, and then there's Scott Kollins' art. Works best with action-packed stories. The guy's work was great on Geoff Johns' Flash; I'd even say he's a better Flash artist than Manapul, who is fantastic in his own right.

DeMatteis is the only sour note for me. Yes, I know Giffen and him have done hugely popular DC work together, but the guy's solo work has never really caught on with me.

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Not interested, I liked Threshold

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wonder how long before it gets cancelled? or will it go endlessly like red lanterns?

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comic relief trash,I thought this was going to be a serious book.

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So Joe Camel gets a solo comic but Martian Manhunter can't get one? Not sure where the demand of this comic is coming from. I don't mind Larfleeze in small doses but he hardly deserves an ongoing. I wouldn't imagine this series lasts more than 12 issues an thats being generous.

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When He was introduced he was actually a very powerful character to be feared and he could fight an entire crops by himself. Now he is just a joke (A bad one at that) I hate how they turned him into that.

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I'm willing to give it a chance, but can't say I'm a huge fan of this art.

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Larfleeze isn't even remotely interesting.

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@the_stegman: yeah I feel like the only people who will pick it up are most likely those who already know and like Larfleeze or someone like me who likes everything GL (and also I do love Larfleeze anyway). I hope it finds good readership.

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@lone_wolf_and_cub: ummm didn't I see you call Larfleeze Joe Camal on another Larfleeze thread?

Oh yep, I did:

"I'd be shocked if Joe Camel oops I mean Larfleeze series lasts more than 12 issues."

Just wanted to point that out because for a second there I thought that was some sort of 'thing' now about Larfleeze but it's actually just you.

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@extremis: Actually now that I look at the new art he looks more like a combination of Alf and the Grinch.

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I look forward to the graphic novel of this series, its bound to be good...Larfleeze is to greedy to have nothing but the best after all!

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@lone_wolf_and_cub: I wouldn't have greenlit this series for sure, but Larfleeze has a helluva better chance at success than a gotdamn Martian Manhunter book. If this lasts 12 issues, MM would last about 5.

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Oh Larfleeze you so greedy.

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Can't wait

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I'm sorry to say this... But the art looks amateuristic to me. It looks like they just picked up a 15 year old from deviantart to draw it

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Super excited about this title can't wait but i never really liked larfleeze for one reason and one reason only... he's to selfish to make his own corps!! :( i hope during this book he comes to some kind of realization that corp constructs arent gonna cut it and needs allies and gets past his own selfishness. LARFLEEZE NEEDS A CORPS

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Id Larfleeze a G'Nort like species?

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Id Larfleeze a G'Nort like species?

No. G'Nort is from G'newt, Larfleeze is from Ogatoo, and there are clear differences between the two species --- G'Nort's people don't like particularly long lifespans and have been shown to grow old and die at a relatively normal pace, while Larfleeze is from a ridiculously long-lived race.

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I honestly wouldn't bother picking it up. The art doesn't exactly suggest an intellectually stimulating tale, and I do love Larfleeze, but I don't think him alone can carry a book

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@weenman1: My life has definitely improved now that this recipe is in it

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@mpierce2690: I like the Deadpool comparison. I think due to the nature of his powers and whatnot, we're in for some outlandish adventures, mixed with decent action as he is a super powerful being that's billions of years old.

I'm definitely looking forward to it :)

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This book is mine! Mine and no one else's. All you people thinking about picking it up, don't touch it! It's mine mine mine! I think Larfleeze looks sort of odd with irises. I prefer seeing his eyes covered over with the light of avarice.

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Looks like fun.

( + )

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@jaybefre: @kid_nacho:

What I mean by Deadpool is, when I've got a big ole stack of comics each week, it's nice to have Deadpool there to break up the serious chapters and just have a comic that makes you chuckle and laugh a bit. I feel like Larfleeze is that character at DC.

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What's mine is mine and mine and mine and mine, and mine and mine and mine, not yours!

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Not interested.

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Looks too dog-like

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i don't get why people like Larfleeze so much, or why DC thinks they do. Nevertheless, my money is always theirs when it comes to lantern books

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Sad how DC has become desperate since many of their DCNU series have been cancelled now their reaching bottom of the barrel. Their also doing a bad job in trying to create their own Deadpool type character only to fail again and again. If you want a fun comic series please bring back PowerGirl in the vain of Jimmy Palmiotti run of the character before you turn her book into another dull serious/gritty series.

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I can't wait for this book only because I get to see Scott Kolins doing a ongoing book again.

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As much as I like Larfleeze, he was definitely not the breakout character from Blackest Night. Marketing stretch!

Yeah, I must agree. On the other hand, what lantern would they give their own book? The reds already have theirs, as do the greens, the blues and indigos are too peaceful and therefore too boring. The only option is either the Star Sapphires, or, I don't know, the SINESTRO CORPS. DC, why haven't you made this a thing.

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Really don't understand why people are complaining about Larfleeze getting a book because "there's nothing interesting about him" even though the Red Lanterns have their own book despite the fact that every issue can be summarized with "We are so very, very angry."

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I like it that DC is taking another chance on a book and not just another Batman book, (Though admittedly could this be considered just another GL book?). I'm interested to see what happens with it but probably won't add it to an already bulging pull list.

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im not a fan of the art and kinda sad to see threshold go . though i only liked the premise of the running man-esque planet-wide game show and jediah caul, story and the other characters were meh.

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So stoked for when this comes out! Go Larfleeze!

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So Martian Manhunter can't get his own series, but Larfleeze can? Amazing DC.

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EVen if it's good, DC will cancel it within 5 issues. Why are they putting out titles that they know will probably fail? and No I don't want ANOTHER DAMN BAT TITLE!

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i read his Christmas special....I'll check this out.

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What's with the dog nose and fur, Larfleeze? Is this a New 52 redesign or the artist's doing?

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I'll check it out. JM Dematteis and Keith Giffen make a cool creative team

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EVen if it's good, DC will cancel it within 5 issues. Why are they putting out titles that they know will probably fail? and No I don't want ANOTHER DAMN BAT TITLE!

Chill there hasn't been a new Batman title in a long time (Other than that 60's Batman Comic by Lemire, but it's digital). All of the Batman titles were from the first wave. DC only cancels stuff if it doesn't sell well it's a poor strategy for the readers, but it's the most simple.

Anyways, any new about G'nort appearing here? Giffen and Dematteis were quite keen on using him in their JLI run, so maybe he'll appear, maybe show up a few more obscure space characters like Vartox.

The art isn't that much impressive, but I'll get over it, Larfleeze looks much different from his old self though.

Also I don't get the similarities between him and Deadpool, Deadpool constantly breaks the 4rth Wall and reference pop culture with jokes, Larfleeze charm is with his interactions with his constructs (GL Orange Lantern Christmas Special) and with others. Other than the fact that they're both funny, that's where their similarities end.