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New from star industries the "ARMSTRONG ARMOR" I found captain america's armor repainted it and put it on

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The new Iron Man costume is really bad.I still can't get over the fact that Tony will be part of the GOTG.

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I am fine with the suit in so much that I know its going to be the bridge to Guardians of the Galaxy. Otherwise I think its ugly. However, I have no problems with the black and gold...I think its kind of bad ass, personally.

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it's weird how I felt bad when they changed color to black and now feeling bad because of the red and gold colour scheme

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That cover honestly had me thinking Iron Lantern for a moment. Seriously...

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that cover looks like Iron lantern from amalgam universe.

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Greg Land is destroying this series. It's killing me!

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Enough of the suit wanking "oh let's just throw it out there" crap! What do they think this is, a modeling show!?

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He goes from Black and Gold back to his original. I'm worried about what the War Machine armor may look like and why the hell does he have bigger arm that doesn't match the full armor?