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Where has the Mandarin been lately? It wasn't that long ago we had a good look at him in issue 500.1. Iron Man's been busy fighting in the FEAR ITSELF battle but hopefully he'll get a chance to be ready for the return of the Mandarin in issue #511.

Tony Stark’s most fearsome foe, the Mandarin, makes his shocking return in your first look at Invincible Iron Man #511! The award winning team of Matt Fraction, Salvador Larroca & Frank D’Armata continue their ongoing opus of the Armored Avenger as they put him through the wringer. Just when you thought the Mandarin was a handful, wait until he teams up with Zeke Stane and a hot off the line, updated Detroit Steel! Does Tony have enough in him to put an end to their plans? Find out in Invincible Iron Man #511!

Check out the preview courtesy of Marvel.

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Pencils & Cover by SALVADOR LARROCA


FOC – 11/28/11, ON SALE – 12/21/11

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Iron Man is going to get destroyed.

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Wow, he looks more Westernized than he ever has been of late has he? In fact he looks more Vandal Savage like in that depiction. Still, great stuff!

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Is that the Mandarin or Tony wearing his rings?

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@longbowhunter said:
Is that the Mandarin or Tony wearing his rings?
I was going to say, looks more like Tony wearing Mandarins rings.
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I've been waiting for this. It's been an even longer wait because Fear Itself sucked just so much. Now Fraction can back to writing what was such a damn good book.

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Funny, due to Larocca's inability to draw above a 3rd grade level, The Mandarin looks exactly like Tony Stark. Cleverly done Salvatore, cleverly done.

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I can only tell the difference between the two due to the hair.

BUT i can overlook the similarities for the moment. The writing for this book excluding some Fear Itself Tie-Ins has been good.

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Holy Iron $h!t! This is gonna be f*cking awesome!

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First, I dropped this book during Fear Itself. I may get a trade of this arc if I hear good feedback at some point. Secondly, Larroca REALLY needs to stop recycling models...

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I think its funny Mandarins(or Tony - I can't tell) rings look like Lantern Rings

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@Transmetal said:

I think its funny Mandarins(or Tony - I can't tell) rings look like Lantern Rings

well they always had a symbol in the middle...but other than that I don't see how they are similar.

Lantern rings don't really have bands on them like these do with a stone in the center. They are actually noticeably very different from the standard lantern ring.

War of the Green Lanterns: Aftermath #1
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is that living laser? and it's clearly mandarin his hair is too long and his fingernails are also too long to be Tony (I agree that they could make him more asian)

and am I the only who likes Salvador's art.

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I love the art for this series. I remember when I first picked up an issue for Invincible iron Man the first thing I was really impressed by was the great art and the great story line that went with it.

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Not that I care about Mandarin, but he's looking a bit Caucasian here. Unless that is Stark? Granted, the art is fantastic but still...

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This looks like some sort of comic version of what they could do with Iron Man 3.

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I love the Mandarin...

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looks awesome

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Are those rings made of infinity gems? O.o