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There's a new Incredible Hulk series coming. What is worth noting is this series will be written by Jason Aaron with pencils by Marc Silvestri. The last series recently ended with Greg Pak's run. Now the series is getting a new start.

Marc Silvestri did a lot of work at Marvel before Top Cow got started. In all his years at Marvel, this is the first time he's worked on the Hulk. You can see from his art that it's going to be something.

Jason Aaron is quickly becoming known as an X-Men guy and this also marks his first time on Hulk.

There's the obvious question of why is the series being relaunched with a #1. It's a new run. Greg Pak spent the last few years writing Hulk. With his run over, we're entering a new era. Of course being re-numbered with a #1 will make it easier for new readers to take a chance and pick the issue up if they've never read Hulk before. If we can get more people reading comics, that's a good enough reason for me.

Marvel says this will be a Hulk story unlike anything we've ever seen. We're going to get the greatest showdown that we've been demanding, Banner versus Hulk.

Are you curious? Check out the six-page preview below.

== TEASER ==

And remember when I asked about Hulk having a mustache? It's about time he had some facial hair.

Incredible Hulk #1 is on sale October 26, 2011.

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Looks cool

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its a good look

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"I killed it dead"?

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Always loved Silvestri's artwork.

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Silvestri needs to come and do some interiors in the X-Universe !

#6 Posted by hitechlolife (194 posts) - - Show Bio

I was on board since Aaron was announced. Doesn't look like it'll dissapoint. Who's been demanding Hulk vs Banner though? Not that it isn't a cool idea, just seems a bit left field for anyone to have demanded it.

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Looks worth taking a chance on.

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Marc Silvestri on the Hulk. Something I never would have thought would happen and I am not complaining. Very interesting.

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Art look like a channeled John Romita jr.

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This looks really good to me. Can't wait to get the first issue.

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I always loved Silvestri on X-men (sure hope he returns there sometime in the future), i remember him doing the art when the x-men were based out of australia, some of the best x-men stories came from that period. So i'm looking forward to his take on the Hulk.

Never thought about the facial hair, hmmmm somehow i don't see the hulk taking his time to have a shave in the morning.

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Looks cool, I'll probably get it in trade

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@Whiskeyjack said:

Always loved Silvestri's artwork.


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I am so ready for this. Pak had a good run, but toward the end it seemed he was running out of steam. The whole "Hulk Family" thing was a turn-off. I'm ready to see Hulk back as the singular monster chasing meaning. And Jason Aaron is the @#$@ - @#$@!# - $^$% - @#$ (those are good things that I can't say because they're full of swears).

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A Hulk title that's actually about the Hulk? Count me in.

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love aaron. love silvestri. not sure how i feel about hulk.

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Cool! Looking forward to it! :D

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Hasn't it ALWAYS been about Bruce Banner vs Hulk?

On a different note, tribal Moloids are awesome.

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I thought it was ALWAYS Banner vs. Hulk.

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Looks amazing. Wish Marc Silverstri would do more interior work, instead of the one shot here and there. Maybe we'll get to see more of his work in other titles in the near future. I'd love to see him on an X-Men title again, Wolverine or an Avengers book would be awesome.

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The artwork looks... old school. I don't know how to describe it. I really like it.

So Jason Aaron is the X-Men and the Hulk guy now? Way to go, dude!

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Now that is wonderful! I may have to try and consider getting this too since Red Hulk is the only Marvel title I currently get...

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Okay this looks good. =)

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Man.. This looks very good. Between this and Wolverine and the X-Men, October could be the month that I jump back into the Marvel U.

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Hulk Hype!

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@G-Man said:

What is worth noting is this series will be written by Jason Aaron with pencils by Marc Silvestri.

This is worth nothing? I'm sure that's not what you meant but you're saying that the creative team is worthless. . . .

@G-Man said:

We're going to get the greatest showdown that we've been demanding, Banner versus Hulk.

Who's demanding that? Banner Vs. Hulk is the longest running subplot in the history of comics. Long time Hulk readers are likely pretty tired of the constant back and forth of this character, debating yet never establishing if the two are actually two separate entities or one and the same. . . . until you read the last issue of The Incredible Hulk (Grek Pak's finale issue) Betty tries to rid Banner of the Hulk by wishing the Hulk away, only to have it said that . . . by Tyranus I think . . . that Banner & Hulk are one and the same, confirmed by Banner as he says, I guess you got me figured out, or something to that effect. Let's run with that and move forward.

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Added this to my pull-list a month ago, can't say that I regret it. Looks awesome.

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@Whiskeyjack said:

Always loved Silvestri's artwork.

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Ironically, I have that exact same beard right now. lol

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I was wondering where Silvestri went to...glad to see him back, I liked his X-Men a lot.

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How many times has Hulk been reset to #1 in the past 5 years?

Also, how long do you figure until Hulk and Bruce are somehow put back into the same body? I can't see this being the norm. Banner alone is boring, unless he's is killed off or just becomes a cameo character.

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Silvestri's art is drool-worthy.

And how many books is Aarons writing as of now?

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@The Dark Huntress said:

And how many books is Aarons writing as of now?

Scalped is the only that matters :p

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So how long will Silvestri be drawing?

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OMG that guy looked like Ultron an they Said commander Doom maybe possible FF links with new Fantastic Four ;O An the somic disrupters remind me of venom ;3

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@TheCheeseStabber:  I think that character' s name is Amanda  Von  Doom I don't what her relationship is with Doctor Doom, but she is said to be a mad scientist hunter, and the hulk will start  to work with her in issue 3.
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Sweet looks awesome !!!

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I like the lumber Jack look he is rocking.

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Marc's work looks Fantastic. Can't wait.

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That looks pretty cool.

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Where's Skaar, Betty, A-Bomb, etc....?

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mark always does good work but why does his work look like john romita jr's in world war hulk somewhat?

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(insert evil laugh)

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Banner and Hulk in separate bodies? Didn't Dr. Strange try this already?

And then the Hulk was "mindless" and was almost captured by Doom or something horrible, with Banner leading the Hulkbusters. Only to realize that Banner and the Hulk would die if they didn't rejoin since they were the same person or soul or w/e.

I wonder if they're going to address this or just pretend like it never happened.

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HULK SMASH... my wallet, cuz I am so gonna buy this comic, but that's okay. The art itself gets me excited.. prefer beardy-Hulk without the headband like in the first page, though. He just looks badass that way.