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It's great to see a comic series naturally reach a milestone issue number like 50. These days many series are canceled or renumbered. While HULK #49 is on sale tomorrow, Marvel has given us a first look at the fiftieth issue on sale April 4.

Jeff Parker and Carlo Pagulayan are ready to help Red Hulk deal with the repercussions of his trip to Las Vegas in the Circle of Four arc (in VENOM).

'The Red Hulk didn't get out of that Venom story unscathed,” explains Jeff Parker. “Something followed him out of hell and it's going to make the supernatural territory of Marvel break open and swallow our anti-hero whole!'

The stakes grow even higher, as a mysterious figure lurks in the shadows waiting to destroy Red Hulk and his fellow comrades! Will Red Hulk’s might be enough to match ghoulish malevolent magic? Can the help of Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Daredevil and more aid Thunderbolt Ross? Find out in the bonus-sized issue- Hulk #50, hitting comic shops everywhere and the Marvel Comics app, this April!

'This arc puts Red Hulk in the paranormal hot seat,” adds Marvel Comics Senior Editor Mark Panicca. “Hulk #50 is a gamma-powered, poltergeist-packed issue that’s a joy ride through Marvel's darkest side.'

No fan can miss this explosive landmark 50 issue providing readers with a perfect jumping on point, as Red Hulk combats a supernatural threat unlike any he’s ever faced before! With variant covers by Walter Simonson, Arthur Adams, & Humberto Ramos AND a 10 page back up by fan favorite artist Dan Brereton – this is a must have!
== TEASER ==
Arthur Adams variant
Humberto Ramos variant
Walter Simonson variant

HULK #50 (FEB120598)

Written by JEFF PARKER




Blank Cover also available

FOC – 3/12/12, ON-SALE 4/4/12

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I've always liked when a comic releases description that says "he may not survive past this issue..." or something of that nature, it always ends up good for the character of the book. Always. 100%, nah nothing is 100% 99.8% sure.

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why do they let walter simonson draw variant covers??!?!? they are butt ugly. nobody is going to buy them. its like a 5 year-old drew it.

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Soon there will be an entire spectrum of Hulks. How man f***ing Hulks do you need? Anyways, kinda weird that the main badguy of the Hulk has now taken the place of the Hulk in a comic called "Hulk"

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Thats really red, he might have a cholesterol problem lol.

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@EdBlank said:
Soon there will be an entire spectrum of Hulks. How man f***ing Hulks do you need? Anyways, kinda weird that the main badguy of the Hulk has now taken the place of the Hulk in a comic called "Hulk"
still moaning about that?
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Wow, a comic starring Red Hulk that actually looks interesting?!? Somebody pinch me... -_-

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damn those are some ugly @ss variants

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@spiderbat87 : Yeah. It's still dumb.

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I am not a big fan of the Hulk series ,but I might pick up this issue

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if it says its a good umping on point i don't think it's the end of the character....but we'll see

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Whoah, so strange to see this series reach the 50 mark. I remember when it was just starting.

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Can only hope he doesn't survive past this one. This entire Hulk dilution is the Spider-man clones all over again. Marvel cash grab with no substance.

I won't be buying any Red Hulks now or ever.

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I KNEW he could still transform into a human

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I need a red wine to read this baby. =P

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Damn Red She-Hulk's superbra! It expands with her big red boobs. Pop open damn it, pop open!

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Red Hulk book > Green Hulk book atm

In fact Parker's Hulk book is one of Marvel's best titles out. It's a shame people hate the Red Hulk so much not to bother checking it out.

And it's so great to see Machine Man is still appearing in the book at #50! Glad he didn't leave after one arc. :)

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When there is no more room in hell, the Red will walk the Earth! Hehe that's right, I went there! So excited this is making it to 50 issues and beyond no doubt. Bring on future adventures for good ole Thunderbolt.

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This looks pretty cool.

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Was that Glenn Talbot in that page?

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@Billy Batson said:

damn those are some ugly @ss variants

Lol i agree but don't expect top quality variants for a B-list hero.

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Cannot bring myself to give two fcks about any of the Hulks.

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@badaboop: tis when it sucked

not any more

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I really don't want this great book to be cancelled just because people hate the concept of Red Hulk. This is actually a great Hulk book and everyone's ignoring it. :'(

If you don't like Red Hulk so much, wear green-tinted glasses. Anything just to stop this book from ending soon.

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I hope this ends the Rulk saga, I stop reading Hulk as soon as they said it was Ross and when Rulk joined the avengers I dropped the avengers as well