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FAIREST is the series that spun out of FABLES. The focus of this series, compared to FABLES, is a closer look at the lives of the loveliest ladies in their respective homeland. There's been a rotating creative team for each story arc. The first six issues was written by FABLES creator, Bill Willingham, and now he's returning to this series for a standalone story.

DC/Vertigo has released a first look at FAIREST #14, featuring interior art by Barry Kitson and a painted cover by Adam Hughes.

Dating is hard for everyone in this standalone tale—but it’s especially tricky if you’re a gorgeous tree nymph from Fabletown. Princess Alder tells her tales of woe to Reynard the fox in a special issue written by FABLES writer/creator Bill Willingham and featuring the art of superstar Barry Kitson (The Amazing Spider-Man).

Written by: Bill Willingham

Art by: Barry Kitson

Cover by: Adam Hughes

Color/B&W: Color

Page Count: 32

U.S. Price: 2.99

On Sale Date: Apr 3 2013

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Beautiful art !!

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Man, I love Barry Kitson's work.

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Looks amazing .. one of my top books.

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I love this comic. I think the best Fables spin-off. Nails it with the art. I'm glad to see more Reynard.

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Willingham makes this book amazing...and Kitson and Hughes are just simply icing on the cake to make it all the more appetizing. Me like...