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It's time for a little politics to come to Riverdale. In next week's issue of B&V FRIENDS DOUBLE DIGEST, we'll find out who's the best man woman for the position of class president.


Cheryl Blossom is running for class president unopposed. Not willing to stand by and watch Cheryl come into power, Veronica rolls up her sleeves and throws her hat in the ring. Which of Riverdale’s most popular students will be elected the next class president when it comes down to one vote? The answer lies at the conclusion of “Madam President!”

Script: Dan Parent

Art: Dan Parent, Jim Amash

Cover: Dan DeCarlo

On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: 10/3

160-page, full color comic

$3.99 US.

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A month before the presidential election. Hmmm, I wonder which symbolizes Romney and which symbolizes Obama in this race between Cheryl and Veronica? :)

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@RedheadedAtrocitus: Bad or worse...? :) Most probably :)