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Jerome Opena is a great artist and I love the fact that he will be the artist for this.

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I'm completely blown away by the interior art. Its gorgeous! I'm so thumbing through this when I get the chance.

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Cool cover but weird art.

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@Grey56 said:

@SuperStarKirby: Who the hell asked you? My god, do you folks just crawl out from the nether regions of a dusty bed shawl to simply make farce on a message board ? First, I don't know how I'm being 'silly' by complaining about this newest reboot. To date, it is the 3rd time with most titles within 5 years. I'd be willing to wager a part of my month's wages you aren't past your mid 20's and haven't the faintest idea as to the marketing strategies of Marvel during the last twenty years. That said - your comment about complaining about

[ rebooting their continuity in the past when it has nothing to do with the now ]

doesn't make any linear sense if discussing how this timeline is being presented as a new story within cannon. Your second analogy is just as absurd and ill placed. Lastly though - I'll come back to what I stated first; who the hell asked you ? It's my damn dollar and I would be willing to bet I have more than a few more invested in this industry than yourself and didn't come to your front door to tell you how you were wrong to support such a ridiculous marketing ploy even though in fact you are a dolt for doing so. In short - I'll complain about what I damn well please and if you can't seem to see the sense in it try not to start a word war with someone whom is obviously more prepared to argue about the inefficacies of this than yourself.

Man, how high is your blood pressure?

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@kalonthar: Considering I have no idea if you're being consolatory or just trolling - it's 120 over 60.

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why the need for Avengers and Uncanny Avengers?

And can we stop mixing rosters please???!!!

Listen Marvel, you have a deep roster of great characters, can you stop using the same 10 and rotating them among 4 teams...PLEASE?!!

I blame Bendis for this lol

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I quit Marvel years ago. Wouldn't even know how to go about reading their books now, seems like a complete chaotic mess. Back in the 70's and 80's, it was MUCH simpler, you like a character or team you read their book from month to month. I don't know wtf you do now.

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That art though!!!!

And is that Tony and Steve bromancing it up I see? Yeah, i'm definitely gonna have to get this. After Civil War, I truly cherish the moments when they're shown like this.

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Man, this looks soooooo awesome! In the first panel.....is that Hyperion? He's not benching the planet or anything is he?

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@LordRequiem said:

Very nice, detailed artwork. 'Tis how it should be. Also they've finally put Captain Marvel (Danvers) in her new costume. About time they caught up with her book.

Sorry I feel just the opposite about this. I think it's a mistake for them to put Ms. Marvel in that look (with that ridiculous name change to boot). Just look at how poorly her current series is doing (especially compared to the previous Ms. Marvel run). They keep trying to force this new look for Carol on us, and most of us don't want it.

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I don't know why but I can't say I'm a fan of the art

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@sora_thekey said:

Marvel NOW! Is going to make me go bankrupt.

Me too :'(