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ARCHIE COMICS has gained a bit of new readership in the past couple months by having a crossover with rock icons Kiss in a story that features magic, zombies, and monsters. If you haven't been following the Archie Meets Kiss story line, then you're missing out on a ton of fun. Here are some preview pages for the third part of the storyline, ARCHIE #629.

Just like with the first two parts of this storyline, there is the normal cover by Dan Parent (above) and a variant cover by Francesco Francavilla (below). Monsters have invaded Riverdale and Kiss also appears to try and stop them. The monsters are turning everyone in the town into mindless zombies. Here's a 5 page preview to get you excited.

'Archie Meets KISS,' Part 3: 'Rock 'n Roll All Fright.' In part three of the most historic team-up in comics, the Archies learn more about what brought the KISS members to Riverdale, and how the two groups have to unite to stop a band of monsters from turning Riverdale into a forgotten town, full of zombified teens!

ARCHIE 629 hits store shelves on January 25th (this Wednesday).

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I'm waiting for Peter Griffin to show up waving a Kiss Saves Santa dvd- To the Kiss-copter!

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Everytime i see an "archie thing" i have the feeling that we are travelling back in time.

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Not bad! It does seem that it will be entertaining.

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who reads this kind of thing??

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@KainScion said:

who reads this kind of thing??

i use too, they were pretty funny...

and geez, zombies the new fad lol

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@KainScion said:

who reads this kind of thing??

I've been reading the Kiss cross-overs. It's been really good.

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So archie is something "good old america" or nothing at all ?

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i love the "lets work on the problem we can solve" poor archie :P

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Why not they already made Archie meets the Punisher...

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@Outside_85: lol

i read pt 1 at the local toys-r-us and i thought this mini-series was awesome

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Bwahahahaha! XD

Archie's really trying a lot lately, a gay marriage, a classic character dying of a cancer...and now this!

And I see it even contains the bonus ZOMBIES! thrown into the mix of this crossover for good measure :P

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ok this is Like Kiss Meet the Phantom of The Park