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We've seen two issues of AGE OF ULTRON. We saw a few answers but still don't know exactly how the world went to hell. We heard yesterday that Angela (from SPAWN) would be appearing in the story for some reason. There's also going to be a change in the art team. It's been said the change will make sense in the story. We'll find out next month.

Marvel has released a first look for issue #6. Things aren't getting any better for the heroes.

This April, the heroes of the Marvel Universe bring the war to Ultron, in Age of Ultron #6 from the superstar creative team of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artists Brandon Peterson and Carlos Pacheco! The surviving heroes have decided to take a stand, following the lead of Captain America! But will it be enough? Meanwhile, Wolverine makes the most controversial decision the Marvel Universe has ever seen—and when fans see who agrees with him, they’ll be chomping at the bit for more!

Earth’s Mightiest are down to their last resort as they forge the ultimate plan to finally break free from Ultron’s ferocious iron grip. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to your local comic shop and reserve a copy ofAge of Ultron #6!

AGE OF ULTRON #6 (FEB130480)




FOC – 3/25/13, ON-SALE – 4/17/13

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this look interesthing

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Looks Good

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Cap's face in the first image... "Do not want"

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I wonder if that's actually Tony in that old Iron Man armor or somebody else.

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How about having Tony in his Neo Classic or Sliver Centurion armour for a change

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I think the art change will be because they go into the past to stop Ultron.

Im a big fan of Pachecos art. I like it even more than Hitch's

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STORM!!!! looks cool

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the cover does actually show something that happens inside the comic. Wow, that is something you don't see every day.

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Ultron really gets a head in life...

....God Im so alone.....

Anyway it looks like Dooms Castle in Latevaria

Though I question how Rulk can fly

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I like Iron Man's suit!! So where's Angela?

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Here's hoping RULK dies!

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A couple things.

1. I would have waited another 6 months just to have Hitch draw the whole damn thing

2. Since when does Nick Fury and Rulk fly??

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Why is Cap's shield facing the wrong way? O_o

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-Sigh- Come on, Marvel.

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Cool classic Ironman.

@Sovereign91001 said:

Why is Cap's shield facing the wrong way? O_o

Maybe because it's a new shield? His last shield was shattered so maybe he changed it when he got a new one. OR just a drawing mishap like with Superior Spider-man AU, they fixed that so they may change it to fix it.

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@JamDamage said:

A couple things.

1. I would have waited another 6 months just to have Hitch draw the whole damn thing

2. Since when does Nick Fury and Rulk fly??

I think thats Storm moving them with wind

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@JamDamage: Rulk can't fly, but he can jup really, really high and far.

I'm also loving this version of Storm; finally, she has a costume that's practical and doesn't make her look like she sells her body for money...

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Peterson sucks.His art is so bright that the dark,gritty artwork of Hitch looks kinda pointless.It looks like we are now in some bright cool looking world and not in a world full of destruction and death.

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Great cover !

Fighting with Ultronheads ? strange . lets see

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looks pretty fun.

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Most interested in how Rulk will handle himself here.