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The Shadow should be careful not to underestimate his adversaries; a lesson he learns in the latest issue of Garth Ennis' THE SHADOW #3. If you have not yet picked up your copy of THE SHADOW, be sure to check out the preview for the book below. THE SHADOW #3 hits store shelves on June 20th.


Written by GARTH ENNIS



The Shadow sets a trap for his foes, but neither Taro Kondo nor the fearsome Buffalo Wong are inclined to step into it without taking certain precautions. A night of slaughter in the Shanghai underworld sees Margo Lane learning just how high the stakes are, and how far her master will go to win his deadly game.

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Is this series any good?

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Damn, that Ennis reeeeally packs in the dialogue, doesn't he? (Just as well it's so damned well written)

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This series is REALLY darn good for those asking. Excellent first story arc and the art is unstoppable. Gosh I love this series!

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Hmm. I was trade waiting this series, but now I am starting to doubt I will pick it up at all. I really don't think that Ennis is a good fit for The Shadow. I wish that they had giving this series to David Liss instead of The Spider. I doubt I am picking that series up either due to the modern day setting.

What a waste of some great pulp characters.

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@jsphsmth: Each to his own I suppose..