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Last week we saw the impressive first issue of SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN by Charles Soule and Tony Daniel. Talk about a cliffhanger!

While we have to wait until November 13 to see what happens next, we can check out the variant covers right now. The variant is by Shane Davis.

There will be a black-and-white version of the Tony Daniel cover.

You can check out the full solicit over at

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Regardless of how you feel about the series, you can't deny the artwork is amazing. I'll definitely be trying to pick up a variant in addition to my reading copy.

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Screw what people think. The first issue was beyond awesome. Superman/Wonder woman , Batman/Superman and Superman Unchained are by far the best Superman books out right now.

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not a big fan of Shane Davis's superman, but that wonder woman looks great!
Al though a little familiar to his lois.

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There should be a Batman/Wonder Woman book. I think...know it would sell.

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@ultrastarkiller: The team-up between Batwoman and her was amazing. And with Batman it can only get better.

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Super man vs the greek gods.

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I liked the first issue, excited to see what happens.

#9 Edited by toptom (1390 posts) - - Show Bio be honest i was expecting something more from Shane davis. Superman's left arm seems to be reeally small compared to the head...weird.

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SHANE DAVIS! Love his art but I'm not dishing out more for a variant.

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Not sure where I stand on the series, but that cover is beautiful.

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I have mr davis' s earth 1 superman framed because it looks so cool. His wondy looks great in this.

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Shane Davis makes it almost worth it.

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I was not liking this series just like everyone else when it was announced, but that first issue is really promising, if the next 2 issues are good as well we might be getting a third good superman book

4th if Greg Pack gives us good stories for Action Comics, but seeing how well he is doing with the Batman/Superman team up, I am sure he will.

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Oh I so want that SD cover...

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Darn if that doesn't make me a little excited for the next Superman Earth One volume

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I hated the fact it was so short and i would love to see a Wonder Woman/Batman, but as far as relationship go I am convince Talia is the only one for him.

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How's the characterization of Wonder Woman? Is she closer to Azzarello's or Geoff John's?

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@justice_teen: Catwoman will always be the one for him. I don't see him and Talia ever getting back after what happened to Damian.

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Awesome covers!

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There should be a Batman/Wonder Woman book. I think...know it would sell.

It would sell more then this book.

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@darkman61288 said:

@martianmanhunterisbetterthancy: Agreed. I like how this thread went to being a Superman and WW thread to a Batman and WW.

It tends to do that every time this pairing is brought up.

Not to mention that maybe eventually Lois will also be brought up or even trevor but yeah...not surprising BM/WW is mentioned around here...clearly not a BM/WW shipper here but it comes with the territory of being a SM/WW ready to hear those who opposed the pairing, those who have other pairings in mind and then those who like the power couple. I'm not gonna troll other pairings but I'm glad that the fictional "reality" is that what it's happening and what it's cannon at the moment is Superman and Wonder Woman.

I liked the cover and I do hope that in the future Kenneth Rocafort can also make a variant cover for this tittle.