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This week Dynamite Entertainment has given Comic Vine an extended, exclusive look at two of their upcoming releases; VAMPIRELLA: THE RED ROOM #4 (of 4) and WITCHBLADE: DEMON REBORN #4 (of 4). Check out the previews and accompanying solicits to these two books below and let us know if you will be picking up either of these titles this coming Wednesday, November 14th. Also, be sure to check out the rest of Dynamite Entertainment's previews for this week, here.


Having unleashed a mighty fiend of the Old World upon its former masters, Vampirella has a catastrophe on her hands, as the compound is engulfed in a conflagration, with hideous killers roaming the night. One by one, she’ll battle a host of monsters to keep Hell from overcoming Arkansas.



Covers by DAN BRERETON (33%) FABIANO NEVES (33%), ALÉ GARZA (33%)

32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +

== TEASER ==



Fans, ask your retailer for the variant incentive cover!

• CALERO “virgin art” cover retailer incentive

The Demon finally has Sara Pezzini and the Witchblade where he wants them: in the pits of hell. To getback home to her family, Sara must fightthrough a legion of the Witchblade's victims. She must also finally defeat the Demon himself. The Demon is just as motivated. At stake is a place in the hierarchy of hell's bureaucracy, vs. an eternity of perpetual torment. All-out, hellish action in the final chapter in this twisted tale of revenge and redemption.

Written by ANDE PARKS


Covers by DENNIS CALERO (main), JAE LEE (1:10)

32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +

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Why is the interior art is so awkward?

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Did I miss something? When did WITCHBLADE become a Dynamite property? How long till they have their classic "incentive" covers?

I really wonder who reads VAMPIRELLA. I don't have an issue with the outfit. I'm just curious about who's reading this with any consistency to keep it running. It must be a cult following issue. The art just looks so lazy. So many panels with no dialog or sound effects.

This really comes up when I look at all the DC series they keep canceling for the littlest things.

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This is so not a great news. Why's the witchblade published by Dynamite? I don't like the sound of this especially since I'm a fan of Image comics :/

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The covers for Vampirella look quite lame for once.

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@powerhouse1122: @FoxxFireArt: Well. I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure the Top Cow imprint (which you'll notice is still there on the cover) who has always published Witchblade is a subsidiary of Image but at the same time an independent partner. Image is all about creator owned characters/properties. So Top Cow has it's own creative teams and infrastructure but Image is the one who has the money for the publishing and the two companies work in tandem. However, since all the characters produced by Top Cow are independently owned by them, they can team up with other companies (Dynamite) who are willing to foot the publishing bill and create new stories there. This actually isn't the first time this has happened with Witchblade. Here's a short article explaining whats going on a bit more.

So, I wouldn't worry too much. I don't think Top Cow is entering into any sort of permanent partnership with Dynamite like it has with Image and your future regular Witchblade stories will continue to be produced under the Image banner.

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@FoxxFireArt: @powerhouse1122: Top Cow is just letting Dynamite use Witchblade for the Red Sonja and Demon Reborn crossovers.

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Can't get much better than Vampi and Witchy :) Awesome conclusions to two miniseries.