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(W) Joshua Hale Fialkov (A) Andre Araujo (CA) Andre Araujo



• Trapped outside the Universe, an old friend returns to help.

• The Secret Origin of XXXXXXXXX REVEALED!

• Something unimaginable comes through the rift.

Item Code: MAY140833 In Shops: 7/30/2014 SRP: $3.99

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This is one of the silliest and greatest things ever. Comics always know how to have fun with it all. A shame the book has to end. It was so non-mainstream and fun.

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Oh my god yes. Joshua Hale Fialkov is so awesome. He knew his book was like, immediately cancelled so he went 150% overboard.


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Wow, I love Fialkov. This man is making the 1610 as awesome as it was when it first debuted. Bravo.

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I'm getting this like i need it

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It's NEXTwave all over again...........

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Please make this an ongoing series.

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I shat myself when I got the to the end of the last issue. I hadn't seen previews of this one and did not see Miles coming.

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Hahahaha so good.

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Ok that's pretty great

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"Kangaroo the Conqueror" LOL

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I've read next to no Ultimate comics before, but after reading this preview I'm gonna buy this and the previous issue. It looks amazing.

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This is awful. this whole series has been bad. Dare I say it, Marvel found a way to out do Jeph Loeb's Ultimatum.

I mean it embarrassing that a series has bad as this has been has the right to try to mock two of the best stories in the ultimate universe, The Ultimates vol 1 and Death of the spiderman. (Im fine with it mocking all Fialkow awful ideas)

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@novemberx2: I am officially christening you as the Ultimate Universe Troll.

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Haha this looks really crazy and fun. I might pick this up when its all collected in a trade.

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Gonna have to scoop up this issue.

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LOL, and here I thought that cover was just a goofy variant.

If this were a 1940s Warner Brothers cartoon, this would be where I say "Well, now I've seen everything," then shoot myself in the head.

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I immediately want this uncancielled. This is great. Like Alexander Great lol.

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@rixec: totally agree although i didn't like the art for the most part...I think this issue will be perfect for it tho.

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if this was ultimate ff number 1 instead of number 5 i bet this title would never have been cancelled ...THIS LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!! ..MARVEL TAKE NOTICE >>>DON"T LET THIS SLIP THROUGH YOUR FINGERS ...KEEP THE BOOK LIKE THIS ...I hated this artist's work before ..BUT HE WAS BORN TO DRAW THESE ANIMAL HERO VARIANTS least let him do variant animal covers for marvel books ...PLEASAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE lol

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Is that Spider-Pig??

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OMG!!! It's like a realistic (kinda) take on the Spider-Ham and other characters. Captain AmericaCat, Hulk Bunny, and more. It's gloriuous!!

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" You think this letter on my head stands for DOG?! Meow!"
Never read this and probably won't, but this is my new favorite line, in all of history, ever.

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I could've sworn that this was just a variant cover a couple of months ago.

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Words can not describe what I am feeling right now.

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The irony of Comic Vine getting an exclusive preview for a book they've been murdering is hilarious.

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The irony of Comic Vine getting an exclusive preview for a book they've been murdering is hilarious.

Pretty sure that Mat has enjoyed the series a lot, but the art just brings it down so much that he has to give it 3 stars.

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No wonder I don't read the Ultimate comics. This is crap.

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I wish this book wasn't cancelled. It just needed a much better artist. The cancellation of this series could have been avoided.

Is that Spider-Pig??


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When i see garbage like this. I feel like i need to grow up and start indulging in this crap

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I had such a great time reading these panels!

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LMFAO! What in all that is holy is going on here? I was not prepared for this.

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Wow. That looks like the weirdest parody ever. "Chiuauatari"? Now all I can picture is spaceships full of barking, shaking chihuahuas bent on world domination rofl

Btw, spell check and google says they misspelled chihuahua

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I am trying to figure out Captain America's name. Why "dog"? Thrr's a dog. Is that why? Reindeer Richards. Quacksilver. How in heck can I not get this? This is hilarious.

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No wonder this series got cancelled! This reminds me of the Atlantis, the Lost Continent film from the 1960's that showed hybrid human-animals.

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@novemberx2: Fiakov just knows the series is being cancelled, so he's like "Fuck it. Who cares?" and trying to do something corny because they're will be no repercussions.