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Grace Randolph's SUPURBIA series is underway. Last issue the Global Protection Systems Expo was going on and a shapeshifter is on the scene causing problems. Things have escalated and it's not looking good for the housewives.

Boom! Studios has given us an exclusive preview for next week's issue. Check it out below.


Writer: Grace Randolph

Artist: Russell Dauterman

Cover Artist: Russell Dauterman

The Galactic Protection Systems Expo finally comes to its explosive finish...and you won't believe who's making the deadly keynote address! Will the Meta Legion be able to save a convention center under villainous assault? And will the housewives in attendance make it back to the neighborhood alive? Don't miss the next thrilling installment of SUPURBIA from Grace Randolph and Russell Dauterman!

Price: $3.99

On Sale: June 12, 2013

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SO EXCITED! Is it bad I want Paul and his wife to mend things?

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@hollowprince65: I think they mended things, I mean they may not be a couple anymore but they are team and they care a lot, so there is that.

I don't like Jake, I get an evil bive from him but it could be that he is always meddling.

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@vitacura: Yeah...But I think that Paul still loves her and I think that she may still hold feelings for him and this fling is just that, a fling. Maybe I'm just too hopeful, but whatever. We'll see what happens. this is just such a great series and I've enjoyed each and every issue. I also feel a little out of place in the fandom because I do not like Agent Twilight and Night Fox together, I still think that Paul and his wife should be together and have a possibility to do so.

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@hollowprince65: But Agent Twilight and Night Fox aren't together, and haven't been together for a few issues now and didn't change anything in Alexis and Paul's situation. I agree that they love each other and I hope that Jake is just a fling, but if the problem is that one of them fell in love with someone else and that they can't get pass that, I don't see how they can fix it. Even if they are a great partnership.

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Boom really knows how to put out quality stories like this, and after reading that expose that Paul Jenkins did in that interview a few days ago, its really making me think I should be setting more of my own sites toward the publisher and titles like this. Good stuff!

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This series was a hidden gem for me! So glad I found it. Absolutely love it!

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@vitacura: I'm for Agent Twilight and Night Fox getting back together. They haven't gotten over either other and married couples get divorce all the time.