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We're getting closer to the crossover between Sonic and Mega Man. Currently, the "All For One" story has been going on in SONIC UNIVERSE and we're about to find out what will happen between Mighty and his sister.

Archie Comics has given us an exclusive first look at SONIC UNIVERSE #49, on sale this week.


"All For One" Part Four: The search for Mighty and Ray is over! It's pandemonium as the Sand Blasters and Eggman's Forces battle with the Chaotix caught in the middle! Will Mighty be reunited with his long-lost sister? Will she remember him? Will any of them get out alive?!

Script: Ian Flynn

Art: Tracy Yardley!, Jim Amash, Jack Morelli, and Matt Herms

Cover: Tracy Yardley! and Steve Downer

On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: 2/20

32-page, full color comic

$2.99 US.

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Yay more sonic

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@jesusdisciple001 said:

Yay more sonic

I can't wait for the Sonic/Mega-Man crossover!

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I've been looking forward to this issue

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Never was interested in the Sonic comics, this preview isn't helping

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Really interested in that Sonic/Mega crossover, but this is good plain fun as well in this issue!

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20 years strong. GO SONIC!!!

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@Sniper_King said:

Never was interested in the Sonic comics, this preview isn't helping

Do you read any kids comics at all?

Ray and Vector are my favourite of the Chaotix