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How many times have wanted to start reading a comic only to ask, "Where do I begin?" It can get crazy trying to follow a character's continuity and history. Sometimes you happen to catch the debut of something new. That's what Titan Books is offering. This actually marks the return of Sharky.

SHARKY is a new graphic novel series by Dave Elliot and Alex Horley. Elliot has worked on titles such as A1, Deadline, Viz Comic, Heavy Metal magazine, 2000 AD, Justice League of America, Transformers, GI Joe and Doctor Who. Elliott is currently relaunching his company ATOMEKA, started with his partner Garry Leach, as part of a co-publishing deal with Titan Comics.

Alex Horley has illustrated comics for DC Comics, Dark Horse, Image Comics and Heavy Metal as well as being a major contributor to the sets of smash-hit collectable card games World of Warcraft and Magic: The Gathering.

SHARKY has been raised alone by his single mom, with no idea of who his ‘love’em and leave’em’ father was. Hitting the brick wall called puberty, he discovers that the ‘no-good-S.O.B.’ who contributed to his genes is none other than ODIN, king of the Norse Gods – and his mother is a child of ZEUS, ruler of Olympus!

Now, whenever something sets off his hormones, he transforms into the demi-god SHARKY.

SHARKY also comes complete with cameo appearances from indie comics favorites THE MASK, VAMPIRELLA, SAVAGE DRAGON, MILK & CHEESE, MR MONSTER and FLAMING CARROT!

SHARKY is on sale September 10.

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So where is George?

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ah the early 90s are coming back. weep.

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Might get this just because dude looks like a beefed up Ash.

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I can see myself as a 12 year old going gonzo over this.

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Sharky has to the be stupidest name in the world........................... And yet I cannot find fault with the creativeness of the origin.

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I think I'm gonna read this lol!

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Didn't we technically have this already with Prime from the Malibuverse? O_o

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Holy crap im looking forward to this! I love Alex Horley's work.

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@smart_dork_dude said:

Sharky has to the be stupidest name in the world........................... And yet I cannot find fault with the creativeness of the origin.

His power reminds me of Shazam's.

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@ballpointhero: I don't see how. Shazam gets his powers from the Greek gods................. Plus Solomon from the Bible for some reason(That always bugged me. I mean Black Adam gets his powers from the Egyptian gods, why not Shazam too?!) whereas Sharky has Asgardian and Olympian blood in his veins.

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I <3 This!