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(W) Ales Kot (A) Michael Walsh (CA) Tradd Moore


• A post-nuclear warhead has gone missing in the Middle East. Eighteen S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are dead. Who you gonna call?

• What happens when Black Widow and Lady Bullseye meet? Sparkles. And what happens when you get too many sparkles? Explosions, that's what.

• While Phil Coulson struggles with his new problem, Maria Hill deals with her old one: MODOK is up to something.

Item Code: MAR140669 In Shops: 5/14/2014 SRP: $3.99

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Black Widow: "Played by Scarlet Johansson,except when she's not"


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Sounds like this is a really good book... I should read it. Man Marvel, why are you putting out so many good comics lately?!

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This run pales in comparison to the last one... it's decent enough to keep reading, but man. I think Kot is trying to be too funny with Hawkeye for one. He's now the butt of every joke. He's Fraction's Hawkeye on personality-steroids.

Note: I actually like Fraction's Hawkeye. I think that makes a bit more sense because it's in his off-time. This... is not.

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Too hipster

I can't stand this cutesy tone. Feels so full of itself. Reminds me of Whedon's dialogue in the movies.

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This dialogue is, um, shall we say "lacking"?

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@sora_thekey: Dude, Marvel is killing me. So many good series, if you like Hawkeye or Superior Foes then you will love this. So good.

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Humour is not tone this book should go for. this book should be a serious as new avengers

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Marvel comics are killing it their so damn good lately.

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I need more MODOK (2.0) in my life...

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@illmatic4177: Right now Fraction's Hawkeye book is my favorite. I need to read this now!

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Yes! Lady Bullseye!

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So Coulson is an actual Avenger now? That seems weird to me.

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Jessica. I can do with more Jessica.