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Things continue to change in RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS. We recently saw Jason want to get rid of the bad memories in his mind. Unfortunately that basically resulted in him losing pretty much most of his memories. We just saw members of the League of Assassins take him to their secret assassin city and Starfire is determined to try to get him back. That means going up against Essence. It's not going to be pretty.

Check out this exclusive preview for the next issue to get a taste of what's about to go down.


As the fate of Jason Todd remains unclear, Starfire faces off against Essence to try and tip the scales—but in which direction?

Written by: James Tynion IV

Art by: Julius Gopez

Cover by: Guillem March

Color/B&W: Color

Page Count: 32

U.S. Price: 2.99

On Sale Date: Jul 24 2013

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Cool, This looks like a Great series

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Looks great. The art is fantastic.

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Maybe I should pick this up. Did not like how Starfire turned out but maybe I can live with it

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I got to admit if the League of Assassins asked me to join I'd probably say yes

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Hmmm, what would Tesla do?

Red Hood's always been a great series, so I'm expecting nothing else from this issue.

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This series has been up and down for me ever since Tynion stepped on. Sometimes he nails it, but other times he really falls short of capturing what this series, and its character, are all about

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Love the art

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Bronze Tiger looks completely stupid.

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Maybe I should pick this up. Did not like how Starfire turned out but maybe I can live with it

Starfire has gotten better. Red Hood is a really good comic, it's just that it made a bad first impression on people with it's first issue, therefore turning a lot of people off.

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This idea of Jason being in the secret assassin city is pretty awesome. Tynion's ideas are great.

I will comment on how utterly stupid new52 Bronze Tiger looks every time I get a chance too.

Man they really mad him so freakin' stupid.

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Since Tynion jumped in the book has became way better than before.I hated what Lobdell was doing and now things are looking pretty bright.The only thing I dislike is the artwork.

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Some love for Tesla in a comic book!!

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@tdk_1997: Missing Rocafort's take in this though~

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yeah, that's one of the reasons I stopped buying this book, too

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yeah, that's one of the reasons I stopped buying this book, too

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come back kenneth!!!!!!

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Sure is looking awesome! Tynion really is hitting it home with this book.

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Not gonna lie, I'm getting tired of Essence.

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Tynion's awesome! he made Talon cool, and now Red Hood and the Outlaws is actually readable =D... Just wished the art would've been closer to Rocafort's (he's too unique) though, not liking how Jason's red hood mask has a mouth

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Art looks great. The other chicks powers sure remind me of Raven though.

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Ok, joke's over. Can I have Bronze Tiger the martial artist back now?

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The more I see of all this, the more I miss Rocafort... Hoping I can get past it because I love these characters.

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I know this seems like an overreaction, but I just ran around the room in excitement JUST because starfire's eyebrows are normal. I cant tell you how annoying thats been these past few issues.

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the art is not that good but batgirl,nightwing and this book has the most artist rotations and apart from ed benes in batgirl and booth in nw and rocafort b4 he left the art is whack i'm finding it ironic dat it is DC's popular money bag's family that is most poorly treated

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Is Bronze Tiger like an actual humanoid tiger now...?

´Cause that´s what he looks like... a refugee from "Kamandi"... .

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I don't get way people like the old Bronze Tiger, he was boring.

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@nightfang said:

I don't get way people like the old Bronze Tiger, he was boring.

The old Ben Turner was a man who overcame the League of Assassins' brainwashing and committed himself to turning his life around and using his training for good, taking a vow to never kill again. His tiger mask was the trigger that the League used to ignite his violent side, and it took him a long time to get past that so that, in a way, his own alter-ego was his worst enemy. He defeated characters far out of his league like Enchantress, The General's rebellions Squad defectors, and robotic beings, using nothing more than his bare hands.

He delivered some of the most poignant and thought-provoking dialog of the 1980s Squad series, saving oppressed civilizations from terrorists, drug dealers, and megalomaniacs, all while getting to tap dat sweet Vixen every night. That's a mark in the "respect" column if I've ever seen it.

Also, when Bane can break someone's back who clearly outclasses him in size w/o the use of Venom or any enhancing drugs, give me a call.

And now? Now he's a money-focused villain. Not even a badass honor-code following villain like Bane, just a common thief/assassin/thug for Ra's who wants to kill the Outlaws and get dat cash money. It's a total bastardization of the original character's complex morals, history, and way of life. Oh, and somewhere along the line he got turned into a sword-wielding Thundercat. Maybe he thought it would help his chances at getting a date with Vixen? Cause I'm sure she's shot his new, money-loving, self-centered ass down by now.

TL; DR: Dude used to be a complex, down-to-earth, and courageous role-model in the crazy DC universe. Now he's a d-bag Hello Kitty on steroids.

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This series has definitely improved. This issue looks exciting and the artwork is definitely a plus. Starfire vs. Essence should be interesting and I wonder what the outcome of their battle will be.

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