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(W) Gerry Duggan (A) Paco Medina (CA) Ed McGuinness

All-New Marvel Now means some All-New Nova Wow!

After Infinity, Inhumanity, and the landmark 100th appearance of Nova, it's been a crazy year for the galaxy's newest hero! As Sam Alexander continues to hunt down clues of the Nova Corps demise, he finds an all new threat of his own making. But the arrival of former Mjolnir-wielder Beta Ray Bill means Nova's days may be numbered.

Item Code: DEC130660 In Shops: 2/19/2014 SRP: $3.99

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Haha, love that last bit.

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that was too funny XD

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Yea I hate that Moffet guy

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What happened to Loeb?

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@punyparker said:

What happened to Loeb?

He's been off the book for a while now

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@hawkguy said:

@punyparker said:

What happened to Loeb?

He's been off the book for a while now


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Love the book so far but it needs a coherent arc soon. I wish they bring up the Annihilators again. Maybe a Young Annihilators team? With Nowhere and Cosmo helping the team out.

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And bill's like

"Those Freak'n humans."

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Beta ray bill :O, YEY :D, love that guy. Glad to see he is still around.

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Bill's nose looks weird in that last page. Looks awesome in the cover though.

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This looks real fun. 'Specially that variant.

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Really glad beta ray bill is making an appearance. Haven't seen him too much in the marvel now series.

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I haven't read any of this series, but I might pick up this issue to get the code for the free first trade. Can't complain about getting 6 comics for $4.

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Damnit, it's an old gag, but I can't help but laugh at it. A classic pratfall told well.

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I love this book so much.

@hawkguy said:

@punyparker said:

What happened to Loeb?

He's been off the book for a while now


The books gone through like 3 or 4 writer changes since issue 1.

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Love the Spider-Man reference on one of the first pages "sucks have responsibility get in the way of my powers".

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Beta Ray Bill looks awesom lol

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I think I may just start reading this series

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"Run you idiot" (hits pole). Lmao

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Ugh when does Richard Rider come back >.>

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the first thing I thought when I saw that first variant is, I'd like to see Beta Ray bill in a relationship with Thor-Girl.