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Last issue we saw Nightwing getting back to his roots. We also saw a familiar face from a pretty big pre-New 52 story. If you've been reading this current series, you're aware that Nightwing has been framed for some murders. As he tries to get to the bottom of it all, a new villain is in town looking to make him pay for what has happened.

Check out this exclusive preview of next week's NIGHTWING #11 courtesy of DC Comics.

“The Republic of Tomorrow, Today ” continues! • NIGHTWING faces off against PARAGON, the leader of an anti-GOTHAM CITY group!

Written by: Kyle Higgins

Art by: Andres Guinaldo and Mark Irwin

Cover by: Eddy Barrows

U.S. Price: $2.99

On Sale Date: Jul 18, 2012

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I can't wait. This, Batman, and Green Lantern are always on my pull list.

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Can't wait to pick up this issue! My favourite title of the new 52 so far (closely followed by batman and flash!)

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I miss Eddy Barrows art. But this does look very good.

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chakras. sweet.

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Looks pretty cool. But the whole heroes do only wrong spiel was just done by the Revengers. Need to be more innovative.

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this title is so awesome.its sad it had to take Night of the Owls to get people to jump on the title. ive been readin nightwing since before the new 52. awesome character with alotta awesome character traits. i consider him better than batman. even though these are just comic book characters lol

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Isn't Lady Shiva supposed to be turning up soon?

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@Lvenger said:

Isn't Lady Shiva supposed to be turning up soon?

Yes. From this thread:

@Gambler said:

After an unexpected yet welcome wall post from the Sandman_ its been brought to my attention that the one and only Sandra Woosan will make her long awaited debut. Apparently in Nightwing #12. However according to Tumblr is says issue 13. Either way I dont care. Finally my girl gets her shine back!

Here's the image from #12
And here's #13


On sale OCTOBER 17 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

Lady Shiva makes her New 52 debut!Why has one of the world’s most deadly assassins returned to Gotham City?

@Babs said:

@Mercy_: Actually....the solicit is wrong. Higgins won't be writing Shiva. Tom DeFalco will be. :(

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Awesome preview!! Can't wait to get the issue

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I can't wait XD

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I really love what DC has done to this character. I just started reading this and im very impressed. Not very many sidekicks go on to be interesting lead characters in their own series.

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I'm digging the more detailed depiction of his costume and the what may be the slow return of the arm and finger stripes (striped fingers crossed!).

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Well it reads good, and its nice to see them spicing up his escrima sticks, but the art is, well, unfortunately not very good IMO.

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@Godlike130 said:

Well it reads good, and its nice to see them spicing up his escrima sticks, but the art is, well, unfortunately not very good IMO.

I think it looks great! If you think you can do better then be our guest!

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Tom DeFalco is filling in for two issues of Nightwing. Hope that means that Higgins is busy working on another Bat-family comic. Please let him take over Batman Inc.

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I still miss Nightwing's previous costume.

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@Miss_Garrick: Me too, I like the design but why can't it be blue again?

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@Suprman: Yeah, Blue implied stealth and cool. Red, especially the shade they using, is hostile and mean.

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Very good story and I love the art, but surely nobody can think that the story is an original concept...


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I have mixed feelings about the red. I feel like the red is kind of paying homage to his days of being Robin. I mean Tim is Red Robin and Jason is Red Hood and yes I realize that him being red was not because of being Robin but because of the Joker but still... Blue was different from the Robin costume and kind of made him and individual. Although Batman is a dark blue sometimes. In the end, I am just excited about this series and how the New 52 has continued to make Dick stick close to the Bat Family but also be a hero on his own.

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Oooh Dick Grayson how are you gonna get yourself out of this one.

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i really like this art compared to barrows

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I love Barrows' art more but this one ain't bad,too.

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Never liked Barrows art to be honest. I want this guy on the book