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Every once in a while you hear people say that ARCHIE stories are still the same. That obviously isn't the case. The LIFE WITH ARCHIE series is a great example of that. In the series, we see two alternate future worlds where Archie is married to one or the other (in separate stories). This has opened the door to different types of stories as we are no longer seeing Archie and the gang in high school.

Archie Comics has given us an exclusive look at next week's new issue. Check it out to get an idea how different Archie stories can be.


"Archie Marries Veronica" – Kevin is rarin’ to go for his first political debate! While gun control laws had previously been the centerpiece of Kevin's campaign, the issue of marriage equality has taken center stage in a showdown with his political opponent. Meanwhile, Archie struggles to gain control of Mirth Music, pushing quality artists over manufactured ear candy. Will his gut instincts pay off? Not to mention Betty’s got the reality TV blues as her fights with Reggie are escalating in order to keep the show alive! Can their relationship survive the fake melodrama?

"Archie Marries Betty" – An alternate reality finds Archie lonely for companionship as Betty’s crazy busy schedule makes it so he’s practically single again. Can his parents reassure him it’ll get better? Meanwhile, Jellybean earns more responsibility at her brother Jughead’s diner, but is her shifty boyfriend looking to take advantage? It wouldn’t be Riverdale if love wasn’t in the air as Cheryl may be on the verge of a budding relationship and even Mr. Weatherbee is on the dating scene!

Script: Paul Kupperberg

Art: Pat Kennedy, Tim Kennedy, Bob Smith, Jim Amash

Cover: Fernando Ruiz, Andrew Pepoy, Tito Pena

Variant Cover: Jon Gray, Gary Martin, Tito Pena

On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: 5/8

48-page, full color comic

$3.99 US.

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I want Kevin Keller as my Member of Parliment. Can't wait for the next issue to come out.

I actually want to see how Betty and Reggie are handling their reality tv show now.

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We need a new Archie cartoon with Kevin Keller!

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It's weird to think how different your life could be if you went down a different path...

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Always a good comic if you can start out with a quote from Richard Nixon!

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I'm disappointed I fell behind in this series, I enjoyed the stories. I don't think either story went the way I expected.