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June is a favorite time of year for many. It marks the beginning of Summer as school is out and there's more time for fun and relaxation. The gang in Riverdale feel the same way.

Archie Comics has given us an exclusive preview for this week's issue. Check out what Kevin and his family do for a vacation and what that means with Kevin being away from his friends.


"The TAG-ALONGS"— School is out and summer is in as the Kellers take off on a road trip. Mr. Keller is being honored for his service at a special ceremony – but half the fun is getting there so the family takes the scenic route! But how will Kevin do without Devon? And Veronica? And what about the new lifeguard job Kevin was supposed to start with Wendy and William? How do you decide between friends and family during the summer? It's easy: you don't! Sounds like more summer fun than one guy can handle!

Script: Dan Parent

Art: Dan Parent, Rich Koslowski

Cover: Dan Parent

Variant Cover: Dan Parent

On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: 6/5

32-page, full color comic

$2.99 US.

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this is adorably wholesome

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I really like this book. I think it is great for a gay character to presented in a book like this.

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I can hear the Baywatch theme playing in my head as I read the panels, I swear.

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So even gay couples suffer from sitcom shenanigans.

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@miss_garrick said:

So even gay couples suffer from sitcom shenanigans.

Well this is still Archive's world.