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It looks like Archie isn't the only one in Riverdale with dating problems. In this week's issue of KEVIN KELLER, Kevin is going to find himself in an 'Archie-style love triangle.' To make things more awkward, Kevin will find himself in a situation where he has to hang out with both of his love interests.

Check out our exclusive preview courtesy of Archie Comics.


"PLAY by the Rules" – Kevin’s got a new flame! Now that Kevin has an active love life, things are looking up. That is, until Kevin’s secret admirer pops up to throw Kevin into the middle of an Archie-style love triangle! To make matters more complicated, Veronica roped Kevin into performing in the school play, and both Kevin’s boyfriend and not-so-secret admirer are involved, sparking jealous tension on set. Will Kevin make it through Act I before the scenery comes crashing down around his blossoming relationship, or will he get stage fright? Let the drama begin!

Script: Dan Parent

Art: Bill Galvan

Cover: Dan Parent

Variant: Bill Galvan

On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: 4/10

32-page, full color comic

$2.99 US.

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I love how they treat this character with a lot of respect and not just "that sassy gay best friend". More people need to take inspiration from this comic and character :)

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Isn't Kevin married?

That aside, this is the first gay love triangle I've ever seen.

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@miss_garrick said:

Isn't Kevin married?

That aside, this is the first gay love triangle I've ever seen.

Kevin married in the Life With Archie "what if" timeline(s). Archie can't have all the fun with Veronica and Betty.

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I'm really surprised at how far along Archie has come. It has definitely caught up with modern times, but still keeps a lot of its original style.

I'm not really an Archie reader, but I do like it when classic comic series are handled with respect for their original source while still seeking new and unused story ideas.

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"I call it: Teen-Agers: The Musical!"..."I call it 'two thumbs down' "...well said Jughead. Well said.

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This makes me so happy. I respect Archie comics for creating this character unapologetically.