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Judge Dredd may be the law but there are times even he gets into sticky situations. It's not a pretty world he lives in. Check out our exclusive preview for JUDGE DREDD #12 courtesy of IDW, on sale October 23.


Duane Swierczynski (w) • Nelson Daniel (a & c)

“Into The Cursed Earth,” chapters 10-12: Roasted Judge on a Spit (Serves 6-8): Ingredients: one (1) Judge, metal spit, Kosher salt. 1. Kill the Judge (pick your favorite option; we just like to shoot ‘em in the mouth) 2. Pry off helmet, that big gold bird, boots, gloves, etc. 3. Secure Judge to spit carefully; dead Judges are heavy and tend to flop around as the spit turns. 4. Light coals, turn slowly, salting and basting with blood (pro tip: save it from step number 1) every half hour. 5. When the skin bubbles up into these fine little blistery pustules, it’s time to eat! (Recipe courtesy Angel Brothers Gang, all rights reserved)

FC • 32 pages • $3.99· Andrew Currie variant cover!

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This has been a good run.

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I'm really enjoying this series quite a bit!! I just hate seeing it so low on the monthly sales chart. In August it didn't even crack the top 200 :-/

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1 more movie

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Must...try this! Its not even a must...I WILL get into this!

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I just started reading this tonight. Watched the dredd movie and it had me wantin more.

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It seemed quite a childish comic

no offense, just something didnt seem right

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I lost it!

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Some great artwork here, really like the cover. You can't help but love the world Dredd inhabits with all it's crazy characters, Daniel does them credit.

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This should be funny.

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Yeah the art is awesome and the story really tip toes between serious and insanely funny. Really a good book. NOW MAKE WITH ANOTHER MOVIE!!!

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Jeez this series has gone from being half OK to just plain terrible now.


Thankfully Mars Attacks Judge Dredd has been fantastic so far though.

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This has been so much fun with some great art. If you are not reading this you really should be - it is better than some of the rubbish that is in the top 50 monthly comics at the moment.

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Is this as witty as the original series?

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As I write this, I have all 21 volumes of Judge Dredd Complete Case Files on my shelf, and I have to say this run is crap. It's drawn well enough, but issue 11 hit a new low in not only bad taste but quality overall. Also, why regurgitate the Cursed Earth story? Anyone with 2 brain cells could have told IDW Swercynski is simply not capable of the writing Wagner and Grant achieved with the original Cursed Earth saga.