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What happend to carol ferris outfit? It looks different? Why they changing her star sapphire look

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@lostlantern13: When did he become a green lantern guardian and how did I miss that?

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@rixec said:

@doordoor123 said:

Simon Baz is probably going to die. Have you seen him in any future solicits? I haven't. Kyle is still a white lantern though.

Geoff Johns is of Arabic decent. I wouldn't be surprised if Baz was his attempt to be in the book with these characters. It would make sense that he would die when Geoff is done.

Yeah, because him being solicited and appearing on the covers for the Trinity War in July/August means he's TOTALLY gonna die. Wow, I did NOT see that coming. Thank you for pointing that out future solicitation reader. Thank you for predicting his death BEFORE the major event of 2013 which he is a part of AFTER Johns's era on GL ends. -_-

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Simon Baz is the new white lantern? Really DC? Disappointing...

I thinks its cool but immagine fear lantern simon baz

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I don't like this whole idea of gl's turning into other lanterns constantly . The shock value is lost on me as Simon has been a gl for like what, a minute? A couple of months ago I tarted to really get into Johns gl thing starting with secret origin. But this whole color spectrum thing has become lame real fast for me. How much longer can they drag this out? And tie in stories using lines from the oath or whatever forced way to mine a story.

I just wish the creative team would reboot the whole thing and try something new. I'd like to see gl be more like a space cop book. Maybe some like alien serial killer that leaves bread crumbs at every scene with the gl corps constantly being one step behind and trying to piece the puzzle together. I'm thinking something like the god butcher in thor god or thunder but less voldemorty.

I'm dropping gl if vendittis run doesnt change it up at all.

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- Baz the white lantern? This is interesting however, i'm positive that it will be temporary so i'm not incredibly concerned either way.