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The following is an exclusive, extended look at two of Dynamite Entertainment's trades that are being released this week. Enjoy the first few chapters of both GREEN HORNET vol. 5: OUTCAST and RED SONJA: ATLANTIS RISES below and be sure to let us know what you think of each of these books. Don't forget to check out the rest of our Dynamite Entertainment exclusive, extended previews here.


Ande Parks (w)

Ronan Cliquet, Igor Vitorino (a)

Phil Hester (c)

FC • 160 pages • $19.99 • Teen+

The legacies of their fathers may still cast long shadows, but the new Green Hornet and Kato have come into their own in Century City. The young heroes are busy putting away the last of the city's criminal gangs, but they haven't planned on a new threat — the city itself! The "Outcast" arc sees a new power rising in Century City. A bureaucrat has seized control of the entire city, and to cement his position, he enlists the help of a killer who wears the Green Hornetcostume. Now, Britt Reid, Jr. must fight for his life, and for his father's legacy.

Collecting issues #22-27 of the Green Hornet series, plus all covers.


Luke Lieberman (w)

Max Dunbar (a)

Lucio Parrillo (c)

FC • 96 pages • $16.99

At the cursed hand of the sorcerer Thulsa Doom, Atlantis sank beneath the waves many eons ago. Now that same evil hand summons it back from the depths, to enact vengeance against the entire world. Only Red Sonja can protect Hyborea from the power of Atlantis… but who will protect Atlantis from the power of Thulsa Doom Kingdoms will fall and the oceans will spill over the earth! Atlantis Rises collects the entire four-issue miniseries, plus all the gorgeous cover artwork by Lucio Parillo.

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The Green Hornet TP preview I enjoy. The Red Sonja one I actually took more time to read and immerse myself in. Its wonderful! I so need to purchase this!

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I don't read Green Hornet so my questions are who is that woman who woke him up from sleep and is she attacking him or is it some sort of training?

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@grimoire said:

I don't read Green Hornet so my questions are who is that woman who woke him up from sleep and is she attacking him or is it some sort of training?

Their training, why would he be joking and smiling with a unknown woman attacking him? And she Kato's daughter, Mulan Kato.

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@nightfang: Since I don't read this comic he could have the personality of someone like Spider-Man who jokes even in the worst situations. lol

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Dynamite, Valiant and even Dark Horse are sucking up my money... danm! I've never got so many comics since image was founded

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Please don't run these two together it'll give them the idea for another stupid crossover. GH and RS.GH spends too many pages without the costume and talking too much and with almost no costume on RS at all the RS storyline is just goofy.

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Not really digging the art in Red Sonja. There's just about it, particularly in the expressions.

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The Kingdom's outer walls remind me of LoTR in Red Sonja's book.