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We all know Garfield hates Mondays and loves lasagna. He seems to usually just want to lie around and just sleep all day. That's not the case in this issue. He's pretty active and it gets him into some trouble.

Check out the exclusive preview for the next issue, courtesy of Boom! Studios.

Garfield #12

Availability: 4/10/13


Writer(s): Mark Evanier

Artist(s): Gary Barker

After last month’s trip to Planet Dorkon, we head back to Earth with two all-new hilarious short stories. Springtime is in full bloom, and so is Garfield’s appetite!

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I like the new cartoon better.

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I miss the old Garfield and Friends.

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Still looks nice even if I'm nostalgic for the older comics!

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The art looks nice, but if you ask me, Davis is the only one who can really write Garfield. Garfield might seem simple and fairly one dimensional, but its just never seems quite like our lasagna loving pal unless Jim Davis is behind the wheel.

Just my two cents.