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What's the one thing Garfield loves and the one thing he hates? Guess what, the next issue of GARFIELD will have both!

Boom! Studios gave us an exclusive preview for the next issue that will contain two stories for the price of one.


Writer: Mark Evanier, Scott Nickel

Artist: Mike DeCarlo, David DeGrand

Cover Artist: Gary Barker, Dan Davis

Garfield has survived some sticky situations in the past: Jon being late with a feeding, waking up on a Monday...but in this issue, he faces his scariest foe ever - The Lasagna Monster! That's right, Garfield's favorite food is out to take a bite out of the fat cat! The dream team of Mark Evanier, Gary Barker and guest artist David DeGrand brings us one of Garfield's wildest adventures!

On sale February 13.

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This looks interesting. I've always enjoyed the daily strip and when I was younger I had lots of the books which would collect the strips from over the years. However, I'm not sure if Garfield is capable of holding my attention for a full comic book issue. Also, the art looks a bit different than it does in the paper. Truth is that it's probably more detailed and has had more time spent on it. However, I think that just might take something away from it.

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What could Garfield possibly have against Mondays? It's not like he has to go to work, lol

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Wow didn't realize Garfield was such a stickler for routine, lol. But this is awesome!