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There's a new issue of FANBOYS VS ZOMBIES coming your way next week. The next issue is set to contain more zombie action and luchadores as we journey to Mexico to follow up on the characters and the Wrecking Crew.

Check out this exclusive preview courtesy of Boom! Studios.


Writer: Shane Houghton

Artist: Jerry Gaylord

Cover Artist: Jerry Gaylord

'4 Stories of the Apocalypse' is back with a blast from the past...and a peek at what's to come! Following their escape from San Diego, Rob and Burger hunkered down in Mexico to lick their wounds. But once they rejoined the Wrecking Crew, whatever happened to the kindhearted, traindrivin' Mexicans who helped save their lives? Find out here!

Format: COMIC

Price: $3.99

On Sale: October 23, 2013

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Nice! Seems like Fanboys vs. Zombies now meets Nacho Libre, but still, looks nice!

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This looks fun. Should I be reading this?