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(W) Haden Blackman (A/CA) Michael Del Mundo

• The seductress of the sai makes the hunt look easy--but this might be one quest Elektra's not prepared for.

• Further plunging into the deep crevices of the Marvel Universe, her quest for Cape Crow becomes murkier, as the hit is not what it seems.

• Will Elektra do what she's never done before--and protect the mark?

Item Code: APR140704 In Shops: 6/18/2014 SRP: $3.99

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Del Mundo's pages are so good.

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marvel's batwoman series.

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This book is a 100 times better than Daredevil

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dat art

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Loving this book so far, and loving this Bloody Lips character.

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This book is so amazing

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This art really fits the character

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How hard do you think it was for Elektra to find thigh high red scuba fins?

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By all reason, this Bloody Lips guy should be one of the most powerful mofos in the Marvel U. He's like if Hannibal Lectar were Animal Man.

The first two issues have been great, but damn, Blackman's killing off all the badasses. Now BOTH Bullseyes are dead.

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I literally cannot wait to buy this book in trade!!!

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marvel's batwoman series.

Apart from Elektra being more open to killing, I think I have to agree with this. It's got a similar kind of tone and weird edge, and the art is pretty special and creative too. I'm glad I decided to start getting this, despite not being an Elektra reader. :)

It's kind of sad that this almost feels more like Batwoman than Batwoman currently does though. :/

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Embrace the chaos! Love it

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Bloody lips is still a really, really lame name.

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Elektra watch out, it's a trap!

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I really hope there is only one more issue of this first arch. I'm not enjoying it and hope the rest of the book isn't like this.

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How hard do you think it was for Elektra to find thigh high red scuba fins?

She has them custom made? After all she saves money on only having a bathing suit for a costume.

marvel's batwoman series.

Except Elektra is her own creation, not a ripoff of a pre-established popular character.