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Back in February we had the exclusive cover and solicit reveal for DEATHMATCH #6. Next week, the issue is on sale.

In Paul Jenkins' DEATHMATCH, several super-powered individual are being forced to fight in arena-style combat to the death. Since the first issue, things haven't gotten better for them. Be sure to check out the next issue. Until then, enjoy this exclusive preview courtesy of Boom! Studios.


Author(s):Paul Jenkins

Artist(s):Carlos Magno

Cover Artist(s): A:Whilce PortacioB: Reilly Brown


The arena isn’t the only thing to be afraid of anymore... After last month’s harrowing deathmatch, the heroes fear for their lives every waking moment as the secret combatant sealed up in the prison’s high security wing is unleashed...

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Can't wait.

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been good so far

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i like avengers arena havent read this im gunna try though

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This is a really great series. I'll be bummed out when it finally ends. I hope they do more with these characters.

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Interesting stuff.

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like it

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Definitely enjoy looking into the previews of this book when we get a chance :)