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(W) Kelly Sue DeConnick (A/CA) David Lopez

• Ever since she set off on her latest "adventure," Carol Danvers has had her butt handed to her at every turn.

• She's done with that nonsense. Let's start flipping some tables, shall we?

• Tic, the Rocket Girl, and Jackie, the Warlord, are getting in on the "Oh no you di'n't!" action too!

Item Code: MAY140844 In Shops: 7/9/2014 SRP: $3.99

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Love this book!

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Can't wait! :D

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What are all those Moloids doings in those robot suits?

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This is the book I await more than any other each month.

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@maddpanda531: Those are aliens who can't survive on the refugee planet becaue the atmosphere is poisinonous to them so they need space suits to survive. And the look suspiciously like Moloids for some reason.

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Does Carol carry gel around for her hair when she puts on the ridiculous mask?

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That Rocket variant is outstanding.

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Love this book and love that Rocket Variant.

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@grenadeflow: She looks so much better without the mask and unnecessary mohawk.