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The Birds of Prey barely survived their encounter with a Talon during the Night of the Owls crossover. Unfortunately there was a casualty. In order to defeat the Talon facing them, an already injured Poison Ivy played a big role in putting the Talon on ice. Now it's time for the team to return the favor and help out Ivy but of course it won't be as easy as that sounds.

And get ready for a guest appearance from a certain pointy eared hero in this exclusive preview for next week's issue.

THE BIRDS bring a gravely injured POISON IVY to the Amazon hoping to help rejuvenate her, but they’re going to need her help more to stay alive! Welcome to the jungle indeed! • BLACK CANARY discovers something amazing about her powers!


Written by Duane Swierczynski

Art and cover by Travel Foreman and Jeff Huet

On sale June 20, 2012

== TEASER ==
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i love this artist

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"Pfft. Like you're the first guy in black rubber to tell me I need therapy?"

Starling is the best.

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I actually love this title and this incarnation of the Birds, at first,thought I'd HATE Starling, but she's now my favorite character out of them.

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Not a fan of the art. Maybe it will grow on me, but I really liked Saiz style.

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Foreman looked better on Animal Man, and why does Batman first line of dialogue have to be a balant insult? (Not to mention hypocritical.)

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Enjoying the title, Batgirl seems kinda unnecessary but it adds sales I guess.

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I really don't like the art.

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I don't like the art either... but fortunately it isn't bad enough to deter me. I'm at least still interested in what happens to the characters

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Needs Huntress!

And better art. I miss Ed Benes.

Shut up, Crime!

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The art definitely dropped from what i remembered. I was thinking of picking this back up again since Babs is part of the team, but i dont know, BoP isn't the same without Huntress and I miss Lady Blackhawk, and of couse Gail Simone.

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Never read this series before, but this actually looks pretty interesting.

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Not sure how I feel about the art...

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Is it just me, or does that panel where Black Canary's yelling about Ivy saving their lives remind anyone else of the Mummy?

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This series has been on my list since #1 and I am absolutely adoring it. Poison Ivy's inclusion is the perfect seasoning to this recipe and I can't WAIT to pick this up.

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I don't understand what problem do you guys have with the art, it looks fine from here.
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The art is horrible. I really don't know how anyone can like it. How is Travel Foreman even hired? Technically from an artist standpoint, he is horrible. But I can understand how his meshy messy style can connect with a story for some readers. Then again, I don't understand how JRJR gets work either. He draws like a five year old.

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"He's had a ROUGH couple days, Okay?"


That's like saying Superman is kind of a big deal.


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looking forward to reading this.

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Art is awful

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The art is too blotchy for my taste.

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Art looks fine to me...the blow up Canary has with Bats has me intrigued though.

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Yeah...I think I'm switching to trade for this one now.

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I can't help but missing the old Birds with Huntress / Old Canary and so forth. As for art, meh , it could be better.

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Needs Huntress!

And better art. I miss Ed Benes.

Shut up, Crime!

I totally agree. With the Huntress in, it'd be my dream team.

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Not sure Foreman is a good artist choice for this book.

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The art looks fine to me.

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I like how Foreman is drawing Poison ivy and Swierczynski's storyline is amazing, but I'm not so keen on how Foreman is drawing Canary, but apart from that I thinks he's doing an OK job.

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I've been giving it 10 issues because I loved birds of prey previous but, I just can't help but feel this series is just a poor imitation of the original. The character interaction is stiff and there's no sense of fun the first one had. And why... does the BLACK canary not wear a single stitch of black here?

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Travel Foreman is one of the best artists in comic books right now - but really, really needs to stay on Animal Man, because the current penciller there is just WRONG. Most of the original New 52 artists were PERFECT where they were - good first instincts on management's part. Why is DC moving them around??

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this preview makes me want to stay far away from Bird of Prey