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ALL-STAR WESTERN has been fun since the New 52 relaunch but I have to say lately things have been heating up. With Jonah Hex in Gotham City and seeing the Wayne Casino run by Alan Wayne and his wife Catherine, we're getting an interesting look into the past of Gotham. There's been more glimpses of the Court of Owls and now with Vandal Savage on the scene, you won't want to miss the next issue. Hopefully you caught last issue's first part of the early days of Stormwatch as well.

DC Comics has given us an exclusive preview for next week's issue.

• When Catherine Wayne is kidnapped in Gotham City, Alan Wayne turns to Jonah Hex for help!
• Faced with the machinations of Vandal Savage, can Hex and Mrs. Wayne make their escape?
• In the backup feature, John Leather travels to Mexico where he faces werewolves and…The Shade!

Written by: Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti

Art by: Moritat

Backup Art by: Staz Johnson

Cover by: Glenn Fabry

Color/B&W: Color

Page Count: 40

U.S. Price: 3.99

On Sale Date: Mar 27 2013

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I really like the art in this book, sadly I'm so backlogged on it. I haven't read any issue I've bought since 13. Mainly because my comic book store forgot to pull 11 so I had been in some weird time jump when I read 12 and was wondering what in the hell happened.

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This is one awesome book! Great story-telling, awesome art, and unlike almost every other book on the market right now, Moritat hasn't needed a "breather" issue even when he does the whole book ala issue 0. What a great team although I kinda wish they'd move Hex out of Gotham.

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That blurry shot of old Gotham in winter is brilliant!

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Jonah Hex is awesome and just doesn't give a @#$!! Personally I think putting him in Gotham and partnering him with Arkham was a great idea. My favorite series right now.

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Simply gorgeous, the art. Jonah Hex you just can't go wrong with...ever.