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Everyone digs a good crossover. Some of them make perfect sense and others will leave you scratching you head. With good writing, any team up can work. Dynamite Entertainment has given us an exclusive reveal for their upcoming crossover, LORDS OF MARS.

Francesco Francavilla cover

Debuting in August 2013, the crossover will see Tarzan and Jane Porter team with John Carter and Dejah Thoris. The six-issue series will be written by Arvid Nelson and illustrated by Roberto Castro. The first issue will feature multiple covers by Francesco Francavilla, Dan Panosian, Alex Ross and Ardian Syaf.

Dan Panosian cover

In LORDS OF MARS #1, the legendary Tarzan has claimed his title as Lord of Greystoke, but his very life is threatened when a hunting excursion with his fellow "gentlemen" goes disastrously wrong. Meanwhile, on Mars, John Carter is forced to respond to a veiled threat from his defeated enemies. Mars and Earth might be separated by millions of miles, but a sinister force is at work on both planets, setting the two iconic adventurers on a deadly collision course.

"The two greatest heroes of pulp fiction coming together... what could be better than that?" says Arvil Nelson, writer of the six-part miniseries. "And it blows the lid off the possibilities for storytelling. Earth, Mars, lost civilizations, hidden worlds, interplanetary adventures. But above all, we want LORDS OF MARS to be fun. I can't wait to unleash it on the world."

Nelson was uniquely suited as the writer for the upcoming LORDS OF MARS series, having contributed storylines to Dynamite's comic book series LORD OF THE JUNGLE and WARLORD OF MARS previously. However, the writer stresses that the new story will not require readers to have an extensive knowledge of what's come before. "It's a great jumping-on point. In fact, I always go out of my way to make sure new readers are never at a loss, regardless of where were are in a series." That philosophy fits in perfectly with that of Tarzan and John Carter's shared creator, Edgar Rice Burroughs. "Burroughs was a fanatic for novelty. He didn't like exploring all the details and intricacies of the things he'd invented; it was always about the shiny and new for him."

Alex Ross cover
Ardian Syaf cover

LORDS OF MARS #1 is solicited in the Diamond June Previews catalog for release in August. Alex Ross, one of the industry's leading artists, provides the Main cover edition, while Eisner-winning Francesco Francavilla and fan-favorite Dan Panosian contribute two additional variant covers. A fourth edition, the Subscription-Only variant, is illustrated by Ardian Syaf and is limited only to retailer initial orders as a reward for dedicated Dynamite fans.

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No f-ing way.

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.......First Mega man and Sonic, then He Man and Batman, now Tarzan and Carter.....I'm just waiting for Mickey Mouse vs Spiderman if this keeps up

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wtf is tarzan doing? he's going to be impaled on deer antlers.

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Whoa now that is amazing

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wtf is tarzan doing? he's going to be impaled on deer antlers.


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Seems cool, so buying this

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Weird weird that I just might buy it.

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No! Don't kill the deer...

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Ha. I wonder if Edgar Rice Burroughs ever looked at his two characters and thought, 'Let's put Tarzan on Mars!'

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I love lord of the jungle ...WOW Dan Panosian's cover looks awesome ...what is he drawing these days ? and that alex ross cover looks incredible. I will pick this up

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@thetimestreamer said:

wtf is tarzan doing? he's going to be impaled on deer antlers.


Ahh that just reminded me about the new Hannibal.

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Holy Sh!t this is awesome!

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Ha. I wonder if Edgar Rice Burroughs ever looked at his two characters and thought, 'Let's put Tarzan on Mars!'

He might have.. he did send Tarzan to Pellucidar.

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Wanted this crossover ever since i was introduced to the characters

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Is this based on any Tarzan Novel by Burroughs? I seen to remember a Tarzan of Mars book but maybe I'm wrong. The first 2 covers are absolutely awful but the interior looks good.

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As a total heterosexual male. I have to say this book looks so sexy.

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Gosh that Ross cover is amazing, and I like the concept behind this crossover since I'm a fan of both guys. Should be one amazing miniseries!

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@alton: You don't like Alex Ross? :-O

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This looks awesome.

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@Jonny Anonymous: I don't know about you but as I read this page the 1st two covers are clearly Francavilla and Panosian.Ross is #3.Ergo the first 2 covers Francavilla and Panosian suck.The Syaf cover is my favorite but fails to include John Carter which I thought was a little bizarre.Ross covers are Ross covers. You either love them or hate them but this one is way too busy but still well done.

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I love the Alex Ross cover.