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This week Dynamite Entertainment has given us an exclusive, extended preview for three titles that are set to hit comic store shelves tomorrow; THE BIONIC WOMAN #4, DARK SHADOWS / VAMPIRELLA #2 and GREEN HORNET #28. Getting a longer, early preview of the titles gives us a chance to see which of these Dynamite books you may want to pick up at the comic store tomorrow. Let us know which books look good (and which might not) and don't forget to check out the rest of the DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT previews for this week, here.


32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +




Fans, ask your retailer for these variant incentive covers!

• NEVES black & white art cover retailer incentive

• NEVES “blood red are” cover retailer incentive

Investigating a series of brutal murders of young women in NYC, Vampirella and Barnabas Collins (with some side assistance from werewolf Quentin Collins and shape-shifter Pantha) join forces to stop the bloodshed! But, can Barnabas and Vampirella stay one step ahead of both the sadistic Lady Bathory and the NYPD? Is the combined might of our vampire heroes enough to save the innocent girls? Or will they have enough trouble just saving themselves?

== TEASER ==


32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +

Written by ANDE PARKS



Pure Kung Fu action comes to a small town! It's the beginning of a new era for Green Hornet in Century City, following the Outcast storyline. Now, the new Green Hornet and Kato hit the road in search of Mulan's father, Hayashi. The original Kato has gone looking for a connection to his youth. What he has found will teach the new Green Hornet team that deadly danger isn't exclusive to the streets of Century City.


32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +

Written by PAUL TOBIN



Fans, ask your retailer for this variant incentive cover!

PAUL RENAUD black & white cover retailer incentive

Jaime moves ever closer to uncovering the masterminds behind the Mission, but finds out why it's ill-mannered to mix missile launchers and yachts, and flamethrowers with anything. Plus, a certain Bionic Man enters the chaos, but which side is he fighting for, and what secret does he tell the Bionic Woman?

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Hooooly crap!!!! I mean... I hate to bring this up again but the artwork in Dark Shadows/ Vampirella looks ugly as hell. The cover art is so much better! Why they can't have the same artist?!

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Dynamite Entertainment 80% of the time is a BIG letdown

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The Seymour in the Green Hornet pre view reminds me of Seymour in Watchmen

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@Green ankh said:

Dynamite Entertainment 80% of the time is a BIG letdown

Worst comment I've read all day.

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@CaioTrubat: Probably because Berkenkotter isn't nearly as seasoned an artist as Neves is. I actually like the interior art though I will agree it would be nice if the cover was like the interior. Sadly though if Neves was to be the interior artist instead of cover artist...the Dark Shadows/Vampirella titles would be pushed back every so few months just so that it could look that much good for the reader. I love this title though, its really amazing, just like everything Dynamite does.

@Green ankh: sir. I'll respectfully disagree here :/

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I'm interested in starting on Green Hornet this week. Anyone know if it's any good? (although I suppose its quality may vary with this new team)

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Seems to me that it's always the same 3-4 titles out of Dynamite. :/ When will they bring back Army of Darkness to give it a more zombified appeal against Vampirella and Barnabas Collins' titles.

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I happen to think the artwork inside this issue is fine. What is so bad about it that makes you go "Hooooly Crap", CaioTrubat? It helps me to understand different points of view so as to know what particular feature of the art is not asthetically pleasing to you. Is the palette of colors too dark? (Gee, vampires, go figure), is it lack of detail? (I think the close ups show plenty of detail), what is it that is so awful about the inside artwork?

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I've been really enjoying most of those Green Hornet comics from Dynamite, so sign me in!

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Vampirella and Dark Shadows? Weird...

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green hornet.