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When I first heard Dynamite Entertainment was putting out a BIONIC MAN comic, my first thought was would we see Bigfoot in the comic. In fact, I asked Phil Hester about it before the first issue came out and also back in March about his second arc. Well guess what? Either he got tired of me asking or (more likely) it was finally time for it to happen.

Dynamite Entertainment has given us an exclusive first look at August's BIONIC MAN #13. Check out who pops up on the covers!


32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +



Covers by ALEX ROSS (main), ED TADEO (1:10)

The Secret of Bigfoot deepens! After narrowly escaping death, Steve is forced to go a second round with the legendary monster. But how can he survive against such a formidable foe when his bionic body is under attack from within?
== TEASER ==
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Phil and Aaron must have been watching the Venture Bros lately.

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@Urthiln: Bigfoot was in the original television show.

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Dynamite Entertainment oh how you fail to impress. Great Titlts and ideas but they just dont live up to what they could be.

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@Urthiln: Bigfoot was in the original television show.

And suddenly life makes a little more sense. I will have to check this out, thanks G-Man.

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I used to watch the Six Million Dollar Man when I was a kid. I've been following this comic from the first issue. It's not too bad.

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@Urthiln: yeah, Bigfoot being in Venture bros was actually a nod to the original show...

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This is just awesome.

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@Sammo21: you got to love that bionic man/ big foot gat marriage thing...really funny and interesting stuff

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now this is truly awesome news!!!

The kid in me is screaming for joy :)

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Oh that looks absolutely wonderful ^_^

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i been reading this series and i'm liking it so far.

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Easily one of my favorite tv episodes of all time. I have to have this comic.