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The first issue of HIGHER EARTH by Sam Humphries debuted back in May from BOOM! Studios. You can check out our interview with Sam about the series here. The idea is there are an infinite number of Earths. It's clearly something we've all thought about and the topic that is explored here. As the action heats up, BOOM! has given us the exclusive first look at the covers to issue #6, which will go on sale in October. That means you still have time to track down the first few issues and get yourself caught up.

BOOM! often gives you a choice in covers when it comes to buying issues. Here are the other covers.

== TEASER ==

Imagine if there was an infinite number of comics.

Have you been checking this series out?

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this reminds of too much of cable and hope.

I haven't checked it out but it sounds fairly interesting.

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First cover confuses me. Why can I not see both of her breasts as well as both of her ass cheeks? Beautiful image but artist obviously needs to learn how to do comic book covers.

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Looks/sounds interesting. Might check it out.

@DerekDoomsayer: ...Please tell me thats sarcasm...

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Go fap on real girls, LOL

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@moywar700 said:

this reminds of too much of cable and hope.

I haven't checked it out but it sounds fairly interesting.

I read the first issue but plan to collect this series in trades but yeah it basically is like a Cable and Hope story!

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The beautiful art is what's gonna sell me on this book. Great covers.

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The first issue was good but I will get it in trades.

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I hate when people use the term infinite wrong infinite means unending with repeation while eternal means unending with or without repeation. The term should be eternite # of earths.

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I really like the concept of this title and want to give it a chance like I do so many other titles. The art though is just phenomenal.