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It's great to see publishers like BOOM! Studios continuing to put out all age titles. With the level of content in some of today's comics, it's great to have titles that younger readers can also read. We need the next generation to start reading comics in order for the industry to continue.

Issue #3 of the new GARFIELD title went on sale last week but BOOM! has given us an exclusive first look at the covers to October's issue #6.

The official solicit information hasn't been released yet. I imagine Garfield will be up to his usual shenanigans.

BOOM! also sent us copies of the covers without logos. Check them out. Which do you like better?

== TEASER ==
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exclusive my a**. these are just covers.

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Awesome, with this and hellraiser boom
are steadily becoming my favourite smaller publisher

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@KainScion actually, yes, they are exclusive. Boom hasn't release the covers anywhere. We're the first to show them, hence the word 'exclusive.' Why so bitter?
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@G-Man: i'm not bitter, its just that they're only covers. nothing significant to form an opinnion upon. they are kind of pointless. all the other comic book companies show covers for future issues.

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Once again comicvine is the first to bring us the goods!!!

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That's so fun. I didn't even realized I missed Garfield until I saw these.

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@EdwardWindsor: Maybe it's just been a long day for me, but the juxtaposition of Garfield and Hellraiser made me laugh.

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Oh my gosh! I didn't know there was another Garfield comic series. =O I used to have an application where I would read the comic strip everyday on my computer. I gotta put this on my list!

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that Garfield is one crazy cat!!!

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@KainScion: Kain - I feel as if sometimes I should translate your thoughts for others as we often may feel similarly but voice it not so similarly. Trust me on this sir - try a little woo-sah or exercise - maybe a little zen. If nothing else - attempt at conjugal relations or good ol' fashioned fornicating Angry's a good thing - believe me and I love to hear you preach it. Just making sure you're taking care of the ticker though.

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You gotta love Garfield...but I do wish he would be more like Ted.

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Absolutely loving it! :) Great cover art. Big time Garfield fan here.

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@Dark_Thunder Iam a man of many tastes lol