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I always think of the band whenever I read about the character of Steppenwolf.

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Sounds good! Ive been waiting for this since it was announced. The series hasnt been mind blowing or anything but it is a good casual read.

1gL's new suit- good

2gL as gay- bad

3earth2 Instead of JSA- bad

4flashes new suit- bad

5amazon- good

6red tornado girl- undecided

7art and story- semi erect lol

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@SandMan_: There's no such thing as a male dominatrix. Males are dominators.

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#55 Posted by Teerack (6625 posts) - - Show Bio

@SandMan_: That's actually just a sexless plural.

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@Afro_Warrior: haha i was kidding

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Nicola Scott must be taking a break? If so good fill in choice with Cinar!

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She looks more like Nemesis from Wildstorm

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@doombot890: Don't have the money for it but will get it in trade.

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I would make more sense if it was Donna, since James has been keeping tight on her identity ever since her 'name' was revealed. That he's keeping tight and it's supposedly 'not who we think she is', leads me to assume it's not the original Fury.

Added with everything else James has done, it could end up being a mix of several characters

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this story looks pretty good

#62 Posted by ComicMan24 (147093 posts) - - Show Bio

Well based on the preview it seems that she is Lyta Hall, although she seems quite the grown up and her mother didn't seem that old when she died.

#63 Posted by Supreme_Maj (292 posts) - - Show Bio

She looks like Nemesis Mr Majestic's girl friend from the wildstorm universe but i think it's just a coincidence but I hope she's Lyta Trevor from the Golden Age and not Donna i hope she will still be wonder woman sister and why not twin sister it can be interesting.

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@sentryman555 said: I'd be disappointed because it means, at least for a long while, she wouldn't be in the same universe as Nightwing and all them. Meaning they couldn't do some kind of crossover with her, Dick, Roy, garth, and wally. If the others ever get around to coming back themselves.....


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That the Fury reboot has changed hair color does not mean that the black hair is a nod to Donna Troy. I noticed the reboots of dc tend to change the hair color lately. Like the rebooted Katar Hol also changed his hair color from black to brown. For Fury, maybe she cannot be blonde anymore bec. her father is no longer Steve Trevor so she had to follow the black hair color of her mother Wonder Woman.

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I thought James said she was not the daughter of Steve/Diana. So who is the father? Some are saying it's Steppenwolf...ouch if that is the case. Mind boggles and kind of disgusting too. Got to feel sorry for WW. Did she ever have any happiness? Fooled no doubt by him, child taken, nation annihilated, and then hacked down by him. Wow, so the kid will have to choose between her mother or father's legacy. But must say the girl looks like Lashina. No doubt she'll change costumes when she chooses sides.

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I'm pretty certain J.Robinson has already stated it isn't going to be Donna. Name's Fury, "Real Name" still hasn't been revealed - probably Lyta thought.

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im still holding out for donna

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If you don't like it, then don't buy it. Why do some people have to spoil things for the open-minded optimists?

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I still say it's Barda, and that would make perfect sense!

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I don't mind one name characters, but there's so many nowadays the new ones need to be a bit more thought out or elaborate, not like.... Fury.....sigh

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@ComicMan24: Probably cause Diana is usually depicted with ageless immortality, who knows how old she really is/was when she died?

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@maybetoby: earth 2 is an alternate universe. just like there is a second earth there is a second apokolips etc. also it could be the same steppenwolf from our earth (new 52). if he can transverse universes and planets i'm sure time is not big of a deal to him

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@MrXakaRebel: shadowman, excellant

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@cameron83 said:

wasn't it already freakin' stated to be fury,and now they still think its Donna....it is not f*cking Donna!

Take a chill pill.

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@Perfect 10:

The universe of the Fourth World is and always will be it's own universe. There is only one Apokalips, New Genesis, Darksied, and so on. Darksied was looking across the Multiverse for his daughter.

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I think Donna troy

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@MrXakaRebel: yeah I hope it isn't donna though