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It's always been odd how Betty and Veronica have been willing to sit and wait for Archie to decide who he really wants to be with. In ARCHIE: LOVE SHOWDOWN, we get to see Archie finally make that decision. Of course it won't be a simple one. Of course the one Archie doesn't choose won't sit back and give up so easily.

This new expanded edition of the story is on sale today and offers 80 pages that are exclusive to this edition. Archie Comics has given us the exclusive first look at it.


One of the biggest Archie stories of all time -- Archie decides he finally is going to make up his mind and choose his true love as Betty & Veronica fight over him tooth and nail! This title is a new, expanded edition of a perennial bestseller for Archie. This updated edition adds 80 pages exclusive to this book edition, including the follow-up story, Love Showdown Special, which has never before appeared in book form.

Script: Dan Parent, Bill Golliher

Art: Dan Parent, Dan DeCarlo

Cover: Dan DeCarlo



6 x 9”

Trade Paperback

128 pp

Direct Market On-sale: 10/3

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Cheryl Blossom

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He's going to hook up with jughead and adopt an asian baby

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The harder those two try to get him, the more likely Archie's gonna slip through their fingers, lol. This was funny and made my day to see this.

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@n25philly: lol

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They will never reveal it. The writers at Archie Comics are just too chicken to step up and spill the beans. I waited for decades for Archie to finally choose his wife but he never did. I gave up on both the anticipation and the comics long ago when they released the Archie: Will You Marry Me? book where it was like a "what if" situation in which Archie married Veronica in one time zone and later Betty. The idea was to see how Archie would've lived as a husband if he were to marry either Betty or Veronica in a few years time.

I found that book to be incredibly stupid, lame and insulting. I waited for a century for this dream wedding to happen and what do we get? A make believe situation. It goes to show that the writers lack guts and are just toiling with us with their lies and broken promises. Look at DC and Marvel Comics. Though majority of the characters are still living and breathing, much has happened over the years: Gwen Stacy died, Mr Fantastic and Invisible Woman got married, the Human Torch died, the second Robin (Jason Todd) died, and even freaking Batman died at one point. Nothing has changed in Archie Comics. The kids are still in high school and Archie is still a single, horny bastard. The only big change they ever did was introducing a new character who is gay. Great job, Archie writers. I don't care what anyone says but Archie Comics is now boring, predictable and unreadable.

Back then, it was fun to talk about who will Archie marry but this delaying love triangle has got us waiting for so long that I no longer care. Just pick a bitch, shove that wedding ring to her finger and get it over with.

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Like they'd ever have Archie actually choose one of them. The premise of the comic would be over then. It's been the center of the comic for decades now, and ending that would be weird. Then again, I want him to choose already. seriously, who takes that long to choose?