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There's a new Witchblade comic coming only it's not from Top Cow. Dynamite Entertainment is bringing us a sequel to 2003's WITCHBLADE: DEMON, Ande Parks is taking over to continue the story that Mark Millar and Jae Lee started.

Besides an exclusive extended look at that issue, we also have a look at VAMPIRELLA VS. DRACULA #6, the final battle between the two.

You can check out previews to the rest of this week's Dynamite comics here.



48 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +

Written by ANDE PARKS


Covers by DENNIS CALERO (main), JAE LEE (1:10)

Fans, ask your retailer for this variant incentive cover!

• DENNIS CALERO Black & white cover retailer incentive

Sara Pezzini and The Witchblade sent a serial killer who thought himself a demon to hell. A year later, the "Demon" has learned what true torment is all about. Now, he's been offered a special opportunity by hell's bureaucrats: a chance to drag Sara back down with him. In this sequel to the Mark Millar/Jae Lee original story, Sara Pezzini must confront her own demons to avoid losing everything and everyone she loves. Bonus! Includes the original story by Mark Millar and Jae Lee! 48 pages still for only $3.99!
== TEASER ==

With this being the last issue, what do you think the chances are of a nice friendly ending?


32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +

Written by JOE HARRIS



The mysterious Order of the Dragon has their new champion, one to replace Dracula in their timeless tale of horror, violence and love tragically lost. But as forces and narratives converge and the final chapter is almost complete, will Vampirella be more agreeable to that fate than Dracula proved to be? And as timelines collapse and the two vampire titans prepare for one, final showdown, what sort of world... which manner of legend... will be left for the winner to inherit? The epic series of myths, monsters, muses and mysteries concludes!
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I love the Witchblade cover. Beautiful.

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I love witchblade pencils! :)

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Dynamite Entertainment did a great job with the Witchblade - Red Sonja crossover, so I really am looking forward to this one.

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Nice Art!

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I'm a little lost. What's Hope doing back with Sara? I thought she was "recreated" with Jackie and his ex.girlfriend.

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@MichonneHack27 said:

I'm a little lost. What's Hope doing back with Sara? I thought she was "recreated" with Jackie and his ex.girlfriend.

this is probably an elseworlds or at best pre-artifacts

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Witchblade awesome, Vampirella even awesomer. Two awesome titles with great and amazing art ::slams my cash down on da table::

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Amazing Wotchblade covers!!!!